Google Crome element inspectation

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    This thread is about the element inspectation option in google chrome. Maybe you do know it already, but I am doing a tutorial for it. You can change a page, but without any chance to save anything. Only you can see it, and when you refresh your page, everything is like it was before again.
    I will give you a class/course/training of this.

    Step 1:
    We are opening the site we want to change. It's normal empireminecraft.JPG
    Step 2: We right click and open element inspectation. It's the lowest button normal empireminecraft.JPG This is what you see now: when you open element inspectation.JPG
    Step 3: The first thing we want is calling the tab "test tab", instead of "No whitelist multiplayer servers | empire minecraft". We scroll up the element inspectation window and click the arrow on "head" click head.JPG This is what you see: when clicked head.JPG We see the thing <title>. That is the thing we need to change for this. title changing of the tab.JPG Right click on <title>, and click "edit text". right click title.JPG click edit text.JPG We want to name it "test tab". Type that: type test tab.JPG Now you can see the tab is called "test tab"! Continued lessons will follow this post. it's test tab.JPG I hope you understand how you can do things like this for yourself, you can find most things under the body part, and then just think logical. You can edit links, images and everything this way, cause find where it is programmed into the page.

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