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  1. Yes, as the title claims, I'm leaving Empire Minecraft. I do love this server, but I don't have any time to get on due to school work. This being said, I don't want there to be two residences that are taken by someone who never gets on. I have absolutely loved my stay here, and I'll be sure to come back and say hello every once in a while. I know, my leave isn't has saddening as other peoples, but I figured I'd let everyone know. I will most likely have my residence open to people who want lots of stone brick, wool, some endstone, and trees. Again, hope everyone has fun. Good luck to everyone as well as EMC. I hope everyone has a wondrous life. :)
    That's what you'll be getting. ;) 2012-04-28_02.23.02.png
  2. Everyone is leaving it seems *sadface*
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  3. Sad to see another Emc member leave :(
  4. Believe me, I would rather stay. But, in life, you sometimes have to give up what you love. :(
  5. Another face lost. No study hall, friend? I used to go to study hall, it was my first class in the morning. I'd do all my homework there, instead of at home. :p
  6. I hope I'm not really hurting peoples feelings...I didn't think people would be sad. Just like, "Oh, your leaving? Well, bye." :p
  7. My school has no study hall. -_- Sadly, I should add. ---> :(
  8. sad to see a member leave from EMC :C
  9. I'm always a little sad when people leave, especially before I get to know them, because I think: "There goes another person who could of been a great friend.."
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  10. I'm really sorry for hurting anyone's feelings. Again, I didn't think people would really care. :p
  11. Its sad to see you go.. :(
  12. Don't worry about it. Plenty of other people to make friends with. :) Don't dwell on my leaving. Look forward, make new friends, and make EMC great! :D
  13. I haven't been able to get on EMC properly since about 6 this morning.. <,< .. Major lag issue going on for me..
  14. please dont leave :(
  15. I'm sorry. I have to.
  16. Everyone! Utopia, 5203! Free perms for everyone...lots of stone brick. :) Take everything.
  17. I enjoyed the little jobs you had set out for me. You are a pleasure to work with and will be missed.

    A bit disappointed my work on the wool will be torn down :p

    Heh, oh well. Thanks for being a good person. It's unfortunate to see you go, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Do well in school! :)
  18. see ya I didn't know you that well but still sad to see people go:(
  19. In middle school, we have this thing called Tutorial. You can go to most of your classes and get help, if they are open, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. about 90% of people in Tutorial are doing last night's homework.
  20. Good luck to you and your studies. Education and your future is more important than a game. You're doing the right thing, besides EMC will still be here!! (unless the end of the world happens first) lol

    So instead of Goodbye, I'll say farewell till next time.

    Kia <3