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  1. Came on today and the same res i've always had for 2.5 years has been reset and claimed by someone else.

    How is this necessary? There are plenty of open residences on the network.

    That said i'm gone. *poof*
  2. there aren't a ton of residences, you were gone for over 30 days, voting or signing in once a month could have saved your res :(
    the system resets res' so there are room for people to join.
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  3. I thought you left ages ago, anyway? :confused:

    Anyway, if you're gone for more than 30 (31?) days and don't vote, somebody can claim your residence; for a fee, of course.
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  4. As always it's very sad to hear of the loss of your residence, but I should say that the only reason why there are plenty of open residences is due to the same system that claimed your res, the derelict policy. If it was not for the system claiming these derelict res's, there would be none available and a lot of new players would effectively be locked out.

    In your particular case, the res was claimed by system (not a player) on 20th April, when you were about 40 days derelict. Your login today was also the first in 5 months.

    EMC offers plenty of ways to protect your residence against going derelict, including voting and the new Derelict Protection Vouchers. If you do not chose these options, the system is not to blame.
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  5. Well, bye I guess? I don't think this is the best decision, but farewell..
  6. Very sorry for your loss - but the system only reclaims when it gets low, and it favors new players before old, so for it to of got yours really meant there wasnt any res 'better' to be unclaimed.

    If only we had that per-res backup system :(
  7. I see a hint to the future here.. Can you spot it?
  8. i had recently lost my res to, and insted of leaving, i found it an opertunity to move to a differant smp and meet new people
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  9. Now that's a great attitude! :)