Goodbye? Yes? No?

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  1. I have been somewhat inactive in game on this server, and I don't come on that often. I have been coming on generally for special events and every once in a while to work on my mall at 3110 and 3109. It is nowhere near finished, and I also have another big project in mind for 4323. However, I will continue to come on occasionally. I will still stalk the forums a bit... Not as much as I ushually do though. If you want to contact me quickly, email me at

    There are a few people who also know my main email, which containes my first and last name, as well as middle initial. Please do not distribute that. ;)
    I have lost a good bit of interest in indie games, and I would like to play a bit more of first person shooters.
    My steam is boozle628 as well, but again my main steam contains my full name. Try not to contact me there, as I believe tomorrow is the 100th day of inactivity for that account. Feel free to send me a friend request though.

    I would like all to know this has nothing to do with any recent events on the empire, I have just lost a little interest in this game overall.

    ~deh boozleh

    Edit: I also do not appreciate it when people ask people who are leaving for their rupees and items. I will lose every bit of respect I have for you if you do that in this thread. Just keep that in mind. :)
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  2. Application to leave denied.
  3. Declined.
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  4. Nope, not gonna happen.
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  5. I'm in the same place as you but for a different reason; a certain person who constantly brags like "I have 100k rupees cause some guy quit and gave me them" "guess what? Aikar PMed me" "look at all my special weapons, I have a dc and you can't have any" " I got a beacon and you don't" "No I don't want to go hangout with you on smp1 cause I need to PM Aikar"
    Sry got a little carried a way
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  6. As a doctor who fan, you must stay of course :)
  7. Aikar has Spoken!
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  8. you cant just SAY you're a doctor who fan.. and then BE a doctor who fan. That's not how that works.

    Pfft.. this guy.
  9. You are forbidden from leaving.. :p
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  10. Whovian Noobs...
  11. Ikr? Probably doesnt even know what torchwood is...
  12. Lul

  13. Dr. Who expert lol.
  14. ...Captain Jack Harkness.. <3 <3 <3
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  15. If I were into doods.. he would be my pick as well. But I'm not. #mancrush #saywat
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  16. hey boozle can i have your rupees and stuffs :)
  17. He is by far one of my favorite companions due to him having a really laid out backstory.
    Everyone else I felt was just along for the ride :3
  18. When you are with the Doctor.. you always along for the ride.
  19. And you never interfere, unless there are crying children.
  20. Boozle you need to stay.
    Trust me I'm the Rhino.
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