Goodbye SMP7, Hello SMP8!

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Who even are you?

No idea 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I know you but don't care 3 vote(s) 16.7%
Yes to SMP8! 11 vote(s) 61.1%
No stay on SMP7! 4 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. So, as many of the SMP7'ers know, since me starting 90 days ago (jeeze it feels longer than that) I have been an SMP7 native. I had my mall built within 4 days and had hit my first 100k by day 5, something which i'd put down to the friends i made so quickly and all the advice that the community gave me on prices and where to sell things.

    But! As is the way the world works, I must move on.

    My 2nd res has always been on SMP8, due to spending more and more time over on it due to one special lady in my life :). So, when the chance of a double res opened up, I really cant turn it down, especially with it being side by side of said special lady. Won't turn this into a soppy thread I'll leave it at that. <3 Kat.
    So, to everyone on SMP7, I'm sorry I'm leaving guys, it's been fun whilst it lasted but i must leave the nest and fly (no idea if that's an older phrase or what? Someone please say they got that...) and become my own man on SMP8 (technically been living there already but hey ho).

    So, a thanks to the community in general especially to all the guys who helped me out and made my life 10x easier, but onwards and upwards!

    You can take the man out of SMP7 but not SMP7 out of the man. Good luck to all, and come swing by and say "hey" sometime! :D
  2. SMP3 for life,
    that is all.
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  3. Welcome to full-time madness!
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  4. I can relate as well. After my unbanning in September, I came back on to SMP7 and started up a whole new life there. I came upon the sudden decision (due to Ultimamaxx convincing me to move to SMP8) to tear down my residences on 7 and move 'em all to 8. Welcome to SMP8 - we're glad to eat yo-- I mean, glad to take you in. ;)
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  5. You, the all mighty Caden of knowledge and advice, got banned once???
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  6. Welcome to smp8 Dub :p

    you already fit in anyway
  7. Tell me how it's like to be on smp8 :D I'm thinking about moving a few alt residences to smp8.
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  8. I don't wish to hijack a thread, but yes. ;)
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  9. And I did not even get a "Welcome to the club"
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  10. Dub! I shall be sure to stop by and say hello at your new place ;).
    When is the housewarming party?
  11. Noo :( cya DubNub :p ( joke )
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  12. Chairs are out already highlance! Just letting the neighbours know there'll be a bit of loud noise so they don't call the cops on us. Come round whenever ;)
  13. Thanks Jadzia :D

    Thanks toto, slowly getting used to it haha!
  14. I don't live on SMP7 nor SMP8 but uh, have fun Dub! ;)
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  15. May god have mercy on SMP8
  16. Welcome to smp8, may you be crazy in every little way you can, and have fun with Kat :D
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  17. Because bae.
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  18. NCC knows... ;)
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  19. Traitor... that is all.
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