Goodbye SMP5, Hello SMP??

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  1. Guys what is the most exciting and positive, active server to play on which isn't that laggy.
  2. utopia
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  3. I have always been happy with SMP2. It is home to Krysyy and several other staff too. I know many players work hard to promote the economy in SMP2. A few who come to mind are Poofasaurus who maintains a well stocked shop, and SSRCorp who continually works to build the infrastructure of the town.

    My daughter has her own shop (Horse Shoe Plaza / +HSP ) there also and my family is currently working on some major plans for our outpost when Empires comes along. As far as lag goes, I have not noticed an issue with it, except when I get around my castle, which I keep forgetting to cut back on the torches. :confused:

    We would be happy to have you in SMP2 :)
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  4. Whats wrong with us :eek:
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  5. You know, the most underbuild smp would be my home server smp7. We as a server are getting better with more active players and a more interactive connection within town but of course it can be better. That is where you can help :p

    Lag hasn't been a issue on smp7 and residences that are derelict and open are plentiful.
    Also we got this

    lol smp5 not exciting as it seems :p
  6. smp8 is unique. smp8 is fun. smp8 has a marriage squid tank. smp8 has cookies...lies I ate the cookies. smp8 knows how to potato. smp8 beat Chuck Norris in hand to hand combat. smp8 has public builds and a great community. smp8 can grow a beard...a big beautiful beard. smp84life!
  7. You just don't where the fun is happening.. :)
    1st rule of SMP5.. You do not talk about SMP5.
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  8. Lol they haven't been on 5 in like ages :p
  9. Come to SMP8. We are not an asylum, but an exotic land of colourful and peculiar people who are all intertwined in a magical web of love and seafood.
    Come to SMP8.
    Stay as a friend, leave as a wife.
  10. There's no outright winner here, all of the servers are great in their own way. All of them are suited to different players and it may depend who you are friends with too. I live on SMP9, and while it's a great server for me and has been for over three years, you may find another server to be better suited as your "home". Go on each one and talk to people. Find friends, find which one has the best suiting match for you - quiet, loud, active, lots of malls, etc. There's so many things to consider, so I'd suggest you get looking, because a lot of what you'll get here is people talking about their own home servers! :)
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  11. There are servers other than smp5 I thought they were a myth
  12. You can choose any server you think is right with you. As I have mentioned in the past, I prefer smp8 and smp4 because that was my home when I first started and smp4 because of Skare. But now I know that no matter what server you started on, there are other equally good servers you started out from on this massive server called EMC. Again, choose any smp you fancy, do not let other people influence your decision
  13. Corner of town reses are less laggy, as typically only 1/4th of the adjacent reses load as compared to some random spot in town.
    I tried to sell one, but I did not get any big offers.
    Utopia can be similar, if you are in the middle of your res, less neighbor reses are loaded.