Goodbye EmpireMinecraft... :(

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by king_redbird, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Its finaly come, after a short while, my 3rd account, ive been banned :(
    after going for a shower and coming back to finding my whole res covered in lava and buring down, i was angry, stressed, so i broke out in rage, and when i 'rage' i speak fouly as that is why i am banned. if i could give out rupees through this i'd give it to the people who have been there to support me, id share 40k eaqualy beween you all. farewell smp3. :( </3
  2. You've been permbanned twice before, yet you somehow managed to get banned again? Sorry to say this, but you totally don't deserve to play on EMC.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that, king_redbird. I really liked you residence, with all the free wool. Cause of you, I could make my shop (Which is now gone. Long story.). I hope you have fun on Minecraft with your other endeavors. See ya!
  4. Evading on a server would be extremely easy so no big surprise he could come back, but gotta wonder what happened the first two times...

    Anyhow, Enjoy the game otherwise, Sad to see people leaving this great server!
  5. I understand that you went 'kill everything-mode' because of the grief. I've been reading some topics about your res, and I must say that i really feel sorry for you, and you have my support.
    But however by 'raging' or what you'd like to call it, its not weird that you got perm ban. No offence meant.
  6. You say that when you rage you speak in a foul manner, correct? So then, what encourages you to actually type these things? It doesn't make any sense to me...
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  7. I think you should appeal a ban, again. And then become a supporter to say i'm sorry xP
    Maybe justin should add a 'reborn' supporter status, you have to donate 50USD to get it x)
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  8. You guys should have banned him just for coming back after a perm ban with a different Name. You mods should really IP ban more than reg, because I'm pretty sure 3 accounts isn't allowed.
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  9. Correct. It was just a thought now that his res was griefed, he'd be '' speaking in a foul manner'', and most likely in the town chat. Which we all know is a ban reason. Dont get me wrong nab27, i fully understand king_redbird. I myself most likely would've done the same.
  10. That might be so but this place is kinda ADDICTIVE!!!! :p
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  11. It sure is nmanley ;)
  12. Yo des can you get me some pine logs for when i get unbanned in 35 minutes? I would be willing to pay.
  13. 1 - Using a 2nd account to circumvent a perma ban - is bannable :)
    2 - More than one account is allowed... Do you really think the mods play as themselves all the time?
    3 - Free Wool can be found at 103.
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  14. Meincravta believe me I would love to, but my ban first lifts in 2 or 3 hours.
    And i'm kinda starting on a new project ASAP, where i will be needing a helper to tear down one of my old res.
    I need the materials from it :p
  15. LOL, ill help you. when did you get banned and what for?
  16. no look my previous 2 account where not banned. they where hacked, should of explained..
  17. No.
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  18. But what happens if your family play EMC to then they are banned :/
    But agree the chat is not a place for you to walk on like you own the place and its rude.
  19. ill be honest....i dislike you.
  20. It really is ironic due to one of my previous posts .. I got a 24hr ban from saying the 'f word' in town chat. It was meant for a private chat lol.

    king_redbird - If they were hacked, why didnt you appeal the ban?
  21. Kingredbird should be banned from forums too.
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