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  1. Hey guys. This is hard to say for me but I will be leaving EMC. When I first joined EMC, this server was actually french vanilla. Now it has turned into a mess that has custom mobs that drop op stuff and op promos. This is NOT french vanilla in my definitions. The play your way system has occasionally made MC too easy. MC was supposed to be a challenging experience. That is not french vanilla. Anyways, I will NOT give you items and will be logging in to check on stuff.
    It's not fun anymore. Nuff said.

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  2. D: Don't do dis D:
  3. Your decision is your decision and i cannot stop you, but I find your reason silly. Do you have to claim a promo? No. Do you have to fight enraged mobs? No. Just turn your difficulty down. Does the Play Your Way system make mc too easy? No. You get less of a reward for going easier. If you want it to be hard, make it hard. If you don't, don't. Also, you are not FORCED to fight enraged mobs. If you do not want to fight them, then don't. If you think this stuff is OP and makes mc easier/a mess in general, you obviously have not been on many other servers. If you want a hard experience, up your difficulty. If you are tired about OP promos and drops, just don't care about them.
  4. Read the op again.
  5. Well, what about it is not fun? I think the staff and the community would want to help work it out rather than have people just leave.
  6. not really sure what to tell you, as i'm also confused by the reasoning originally stated, since the point of the difficulty update was to let people make it harder o.o

    But there is one thing to note, is that MC was never intended to be hard, as mojang has usually done quite the opposite and constantly made it easier, and it was my goal to add some challenge back with the custom mobs, bosses and difficulty update.

    As for "OP" Items, the items we have released don't really go much more than what is already obtainable (I put a lot of thought into balance on things).

    I hope you change your mind and find a new spark of interest to play in, but I assure you challenge will be there as we add more bosses and the DT whenever they get done, and also soon competitive events with the games server.
  7. Custom mobs, mini bosses and unique promos and only benefit you are bad... Wow.
  8. Hmm well it is your choice,but you if decide to come back (which most of us do), [insert threat here]
  9. Enough said? Not for me.. :confused:
  10. That's something I used to really like - sometimes not being able to find coal on your first night was what made Minecraft fun (I always died on the first night and mistook coal for gravel ._.) for me. And then 2 versions later they added in charcoal (which is easy to make and I don't know if it still does, but it burns slower) and have constantly made coal more common.

    These days I still get excited while mining coal and know many Alpha/Very Early Beta players that do. I like to think we have Coalitus (<----- That sounds cool).

    So now onto ._.:
    I used to agree with you on all of the enraged mobs, bosses and stuff; but then Play your Way came out and you could turn off whatever you wanted. Then I realized i've never seen a boss mob or an enraged mob so I have no right to hate on them in the first place, I guess?

    Your problems are pretty redundant as of now and would have made sense if you'd gone to people earlier about EMC being boring for you. How can Aikar make the game more difficult without adding in new mobs, weapons, and items, without PYW to make everyone happy with those changes?

    I'd have thought they made the game harder, but it sounds to me like that's a 'no' from you?
  11. Kinda :confused:, since Play Your Way allows you to make your difficulty higher and you don't have to fight enraged mobs, but hey. I wish you luck in your future endeavours.
  12. I completely understand where you're are coming from. I suggest just to take a break :p It's impossible to leave OuO
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  13. :cool:well u can make it harder and you don't have to claim promos and you don't have to fight enraged. it is there just to make it more fun for people to play and make it more challenging. it is your choice btw.

  14. Well ain't this great we already lost a lot of members now another I mean c'mon this is just stupid I wish no-one would leave emc it's for fun but your always welcome back to emc we all love you and hope to see you in the future love you and good luck with another server I hope you will come back some time and visit love you and have a good day
  15. Btw nice hidding that part lol
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  16. It is sad that, well, people are leaving a great experience. This is how Minecraft is supposed to be played. I won't be redundant here, so I'll wrap things up with a "see you later" because nobody ever seems to actually leave. :p
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  17. the thing is a full on vanilla server would not be fun at least not forever. in my own opinion nothing is really op especially if difficulty is turned up but even if its not nothing is too good for everything else. all promos are made with lots of thought put into them and each update just adds something else to keep players interested in their daily lives here on the server. there are times when we do get burnt out on the game but no reason to quit and move on when we can just take a small break or switch up what you have been doing then go back once that gets old. we are all entitled to our own opinion and reasoning behind what we think so that is what you think and this is what i think. hopefully you do change your mind about quitting because i honestly dont think its a very good one but again it is your own
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  18. I don't understand why you would be leaving, everyone leaving currently are weird. The Empire is at its greatest, we're getting new players, new staff, new in-game fun and last but not last - an SMP1Museum...
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