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Is this a Good Idea

Yes. This will help EMC 5 vote(s) 38.5%
No. This will ruin the Economy of EMC 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Maybe 6 vote(s) 46.2%
  1. This is gonna be like the real Good Will only in Minecraft
    I will need donations to keep the store in stock.
    I am not looking to make a profit .
    I am trying to make it easier for people to but something cheap.

    I bet everyone has asked where can i get something cheap.
    This is the store for you, to get something cheap.

    I am hoping to get one Good Will one every server.
    If you would like to donate your res contact me.

    The first Good Will is located on Smp1 1175.
    It is not complete but will be done shortly.
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  2. Sure. I have a bunch of crap I need to get rid of. :p
  3. Interesting. How does it work?
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  4. i am hoping to get donations from people and then sell the items for cheaper than they would usually cost
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  5. I could give you a lot of stuff, especially food. If you want, I could possibly open up another store on my residence in SMP-1 free of charge.
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  6. yeah thanks but we already have a store on smp1 already on 1175
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  7. Ok, just offering.
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  8. but i would sure appreciate the items if you are still interested
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  9. I was wondering the exact details of the money.
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  10. i am hoping to sell the items at least half of what they usaualy cost
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  11. are you using another person's res, or did you move to smp1?
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  12. i moved to smp1
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  13. hm... I might donate some items...
    though if I do it will likely fill up everything lol.
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  14. ... It's a nice thought, but impossible on EMC.

    I also wish to simply buy/sell with minimal profit. What I have found is, if i make it cheap, 1 player will come buy everything and sell it for more somewhere else.

    So this idea isn't feasible as a 'shop'. You'd have to do it through communications with players to ensure the products are being used, not just on-sold.

    There is other 'Charity's set up to do this also. Why don't you all work together?
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  15. Instead of making the items as cheap as possible, why not just take item donations, sell them at a reasonable price, and then use all the profits for charity?
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  16. Exactly. Which is kinda what I do. Then you take it a step further.

    Like Red Cross, you lias with suppliers of food, medical supplies and other required resources to 'donate' large amounts. You lias with transportation and protection organisations to donate logistics and manpower. Then you lias with on-sight governing bodies to determine the needs and timeline of resources. Then you bring all these things together with minimal actual flow of cash. Thus reducing double handling of money/resources, eliminate taxation/transaction costs. And deliver needed resource from the supplier direct to where it is needed.

    Question is: Who exactly needs this 'good will'? Is it for everyone/anyway to build there own res's mall or farm? Is it for wildnerness projects? For anyone at all? Who determines who is in need?

    Is there a great need for charitable work?

    Currently. I am a one-man team. I gather, clear/mine and build myself a public facility. :) I've had a small amount of people giving one-off help. But the problem is, it takes me longer to guide the help than it would have taken me to do it myself. :)

    I could really use a very organised person to manage a serious charitable organisation to manage bulk supplies of needed resource, that go towards bettering the community (as opposed to peoples private builds). Volunteer's would need to commit to a serious amount of help, or donating a serious amount of blocks. (Alternatively, buy shops can be setup to accept small amounts of resources for 1 rupee. That way, all donations are recorded, and it does not cost a volunteer time to accept the donations, it's automatic).

    A manager could also organise mining expeditions for groups of people. 2 beacons, a pyramid, and 100 x 100 area to mine out. 1 team could clear that area quickly. transporting resources back to town to be used in charitable projects, or on-sold to raise money for charitable things.

    OK, I'm going off your topic now. :) Good luck with the 'good will', your heart is in the right place :)
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  17. Is it tax deductible?
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  18. If I move the resources using my vault, I don't pay tax, so it could be :)
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