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Do you want a Police Rank for people willing to kill mobs in your town area to defend builders?

Yes 6 vote(s) 30.0%
No 18 vote(s) 90.0%
Yes but make the rupee amount less/meager because this is a reward for donaters 6 vote(s) 30.0%
Neutral 6 vote(s) 30.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello, I am ReadySetRimshot. :p So far, the first server I have played was the sm8 server. :) I like the people, but do mobs spawn EVERYWHERE near our houses? :confused: I secretly wish so because that makes me wish that we could have people ranked Police or something to fight them off and be rewarded 50 rupees if they are new, and if 75 for senior if they fight from night until day or shoot them with arrows from towers to defend the starting builders. If the mods and admins want in on it then 100 for mod and 235 for the admins. If this can be turned into a reality, then I would automatically want to be one. Can somebody tell me the exotic mods they have on this server? Oh, no mobs near us? aw. :( I personally think adding mobs near towns (Not creepers or endermen just skeletons and zombies near us for a fun effect) ;) It could get a bit boring if we just build, the idea of building with a billion other players in an actual TOWN is just mind blowing, why not make it more realistic (Let's not forget that minecraft is about building shelter in the dark to survive and it encourages building because they will always be building as soon as day hits) with those minor mobs to give the adventuring gamers a better purpose? Will I find dungeons under my base? (Adventurer right here) Thank you for listening, Margaritte. :)

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  2. Haha, no mobs in town, sorry! We've got cool custom mobs in the wild, though! Check out the wiki for details on our custom stuff, cause there's lots. Welcome to EMC!
  3. Ooh I like this ;)
    Nothing too exotic, mostly just town/residence claiming things but there are some cool minibosses out in the wild if you haven't seen em in the tutorial

    Welcome to Empire! I play on SMP8 too, if there's anything you need just holla :D
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  4. Cool! :cool:I wish monsters (specifically skeletons and zombies) could be sued as the mobs attacking and the skeletons could represent gangs and zombies just random thugs :
  5. I voted for all poll choices.. #yolo

    Anyways, Welcome to EMC! We have 3 custom mobs, the Enraged Skeleton, the Enraged Zombie, and the Netherhound. Next, we have 2 minibosses. The Momentus, and the Marlix. Check the wiki for more information. :)

    EDIT: Enraged Creepers! Thanks Marg. :p
  6. Don't forget about the creeeeepers!
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  7. I try to forget about them.. ; - ;
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  8. Reread my post, I edited it to show some more valid reasons.
  9. You will find a LOT of dirt under your town residence, and nothing else. Use the /waste to gather resources and the /frontier for building cool stuff in the wilderness! Both the /waste and the /frontier have mobs, fall damage, fire damage and all that good stuff, but the /waste is reset often to keep things easily accessible and to provide new items/biomes as the game is updated. The frontier will never be reset, so keep it pretty!
  10. Oh ok thanks. Are there only three ranks and hopefully he town is a no pvp area with fall damage? :p
  11. No pvp. I really like that aspect. No fall damage in town either. I like that too.
  12. Not sure what you mean by "ranks"? If you are talking supporters, then yes. There are also three staff ranks, so yes to that too. We don't have PvP anywhere, and no fall damage in town.
  13. Oh... ok.. :/

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  14. Town is for building, wild is for fighting.. one of the reasons I like this server so much is because I can build a house/shop in peace without having to keep a sword in my hot bar. If mobs started spawning around town SO many things would have to be changed.

    .. and just for future reference, maybe make one post introducing your self and a second post with your suggestion. I got a little confused when I found a suggestion in this forum section.
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  15. Well he wont have to introduce himself ever again, will he? c:
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  16. Welcome to the Empire!
  17. If you would like to know about our custom mobs, check the Empire Wiki out! Also, if you get bored in town, you can always venture out in the dangerous Nether/Wilderness OR gather materials in the Wastelands. You are always welcome to use the Suggestion Box to suggest new ideas you may have. Enjoy the Empire!