Good news for melons.

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  1. So, while I was experimenting with villagers with RainbowChin in a 1.8 latest snapshot server, I came across a cool discovery. You can trade melon blocks for emeralds. I found that if you have a double chest of melon blocks with a villager that trades an emerald for 9 melon blocks, you can get exactly 6 stacks of emerald. With the average price of emeralds being about 22r, 1 DC of melons = 8448r. And I think that you can find villages that will buy less melon blocks for more emeralds.
    With that in mind, I had the prices of my melon blocks at 1000r per DC. I think I may or may not increase the prices.
    But hey, more uses for melons!
    Not on an attack on potatoes, but they will give an emerald for ~16 potatoes.

    I have found a villager that will give you an emerald for 7 melon blocks.
  2. Good thing I bought all those melons, huh ;)
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  3. Good thing I have a melon farm :D who needs nicks melons? :p jk nick, ur melons are pure quality.
  4. the rush for melons has begun >: D
  5. So your melon hording is going make you some profit that's good.
  6. Either that or the emerald market will crash.
  7. I may one day be known as the chickeneer of emeralds.
  8. Already the king of melons, looking to expand?
  9. Has it not already? :confused:
    Mojang has made it possible to farm iron, gold, melons, emeralds, mob drops, and sugarcane. What will come in 1.8, diamonds? :confused:
  10. But unlike the rest, you can't just AFK and collect emeralds by doing nothing.
  11. Trust me, there already is a way. :p
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  12. I know. I was one of the firsts to do it. But when Aikar found out he patched it. :/
    I captured a momentus and farmed enraged zombies with a drop. But now, if you are within range of enraged zombie spawning, you are close enough to be sucked in.

    Is there another way?
  13. I've found one, not sure if it will work doe
  14. uh, pumpkins?
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  15. Villagers will give an emerald for around 12 pumpkins.
  16. really? Looks like I will be making a pumpkin and a melon farm....
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  17. I am just going to bump this and add on that current infinite villagers WILL BE BROKEN WHEN THE SERVER UPDATES. When the villager that was created in 1.7 is traded with in 1.8, it will add more trades to the end.
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  18. I thought you quit nick5013?
  19. I thought that someone said that nick stopped playing EMC?
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