Good Investment?

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  1. So, I had 26,526r and I went and bought an Empire Firework. I know that these will not be for sale later, and they will only go up in value, but is this really a good investment? Someone that knows about economies, please help! I'm not so proud of my 6,526r anymore :(.
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  2. Well, I think it will take a while for these to actually rise in prices so my suggestion is keep it for a long time, as a long term investment.
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  3. It all depends on what ICC does with it in the future. I'd say you should be safe, it will just take time to turn it over.
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  4. Well it's more of a long term investment seeing as how mostly long term members can afford them as most under a month or so old won't have 20k to spare. you should expect to sell it sometime in the next few months probably sometime in summer of next year where it has had time to grow in value as if you wait to long they could just sell them again next december.
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  5. Of course it is!
    They're amazing! :p
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  6. Well, there's no denying that :D.
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  7. I think they're a good investment. I bought one for myself and more to sell later, but it will take a long time to turn these babies over, so stay in it for the long haul.
  8. Yes, it is a long time investment, but you know what they say, long term investments make long term cah flows.
    Don't worry, with this economy (as long as Aikar doesn't ruin it anymore :p), your will get your 20k back.

    Plus, YOU have have EMC New Years Firework!
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  9. If you don't like it (which we all won't at some point) you can sell it and possibly get about 50k for it in the next 3 months.
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  10. I'm actually contemplating buying a ton of these from people after they get removed from /spawn, and throwing them into lava to rise the price. On topic, eh, if they don't at least you have a seizure inducing firework! (encase yourself in a 1x2 hole, and spam it. It's insane...)
  11. I reckon over 1,000 will be bought in total, it would be rather difficult to raise the price like that.
    What you could do is buy every single Empire Firework, and hold an auction selling one every week. Alternatively, you could buy so many that they account for 95% of all purchases. After 6 months to a year, most fireworks in the 5% will be exhausted, after which you can be the sole supplier of fireworks to EMC auctioning 1 per week for hundreds of thousands of rupees.
  12. Not sure about resale, but these things are awesome!
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  13. With 50,000 people, I think 1,000 is small enough :p.
  14. Lol I didn't buy for resale, I only bought because it came with all effects in one rocket.
  15. True. I might not even sell it, considering it is so awesome. Also, I've already made 2k since this thread was first posed :).
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  16. They wont go up in value, at least not much. Just for the simple fact that peoplewill firget about them and the "fireworkss" fad will cease. But they still are really cool, so it goes both ways.
  17. Im jut gonna wait till there are only a few left, hopefully get around 200k rupees, at least. Bet yes, It's a great investment if you're patient.
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  18. Extremely patient...
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  19. I bought mine just because I could.
  20. Possiblaly, but you have to be careful.