Good Instructions for installing Ubuntu on windows..?

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  1. Hey peeps of emc..
    As I am getting bored of win 7 and its buggyness I kinda want to install a new OS..
    Mostly Ubuntu because I have it on my android powered device.. I was wondering of it cleared your hardrive for formatting or anything like that.

    Atm I have a Gateway NV53 laptop with:
    windows 7 home premium
    4gig RAM
    500gb HDD
    AMD Vision 1st gen proeccesor dual core

    If anyone has tips or info i might need please dont be afraid to post :)
  2. I have a TOSHIBA Satellite L645-SP4010L
    3gb RAM
    250GB HDD
    Pentium Last gen dual core @ 2.00ghz

    I have same question as Tehwafflez, it can be any other linux distro but it needs to be linux and work with my atheros wifi card.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Android is not powered by Ubuntu but it is based of a Linux/Unix shell. If you are to install Ubuntu ALLOT of applications will not be compatible unless you run a program called "Wine" its a emulator for Ubuntu to run Windows program but there is no guarantee it will run as well. Ubuntu is great for developing/just internet stuff but not for everyday/home use, so I suggest you DO NOT format your hard drive and just have a dual-boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu together. Also re-installing Windows 7 WILL boost/fix your Windows 7, because my Windows 7 is running great (best OS Microsoft made :p). Also backup everything before you install any OS cause you might not know if your hard drive will fail. If you have anymore questions regarding computers PM me ;)
  4. coph u runnin win7 or linux right now?

    On the other hand... SWEET copher is also making the convert woot woot!
  5. Ubuntu is compatible with ANYTHING. I'm not going to mention things because it might break a rule so if you want me to say to you what it is freely PM me. I suggest you don't uninstall Windows unless its EXTREMELY an emergency. Just dual-boot by having Windows and Linux based OS together. Its better to have Windows because its literally compatible with anything.
  6. controller.. if you do dual boot will all programs still work or what? ive looked it up but didnt understand it that well..
  7. Dual-boot means you have TWO or MORE operating systems together in one machine but in a different partition. Partition means a division in your Hard Disk drive. When you install Ubuntu it will automatically make a partition for you so you don't need to worry(if you want to make a custom partition size you can ask me or refer to the Ubuntu wiki). So when Ubuntu makes a partition that means that partition is Ubuntu's own partition and nothing else owns that. So Windows programs will not be ported over to Ubuntu and like I said partition is division so Ubuntu and Windows won't be touching in your hard drive.
  8. oh ok cool ill do the dual boot thing probably to try it out and if i dont like it can i just unistall the os probably?
  9. Yes you can uninstall an operating by manually deleting a partition but to remove the operating system from the dual-boot list you will need to edit your boot.ini from your command prompt. I have done this before but I'm not sure if I remember. I had to remove a RamDisk from my boot.ini because I tried to do a recovery disc but it failed so it kind of corrupted my computer and I had to fix it myself.
  10. I strongly recommend you use the Wubi-installer (just insert the Ubuntu CD/DVD in Windows itself) for this. It installs Ubuntu inside a file in Windows, and while it has a tiny performance hit, it makes things so much easier. It sets up dual-booting, and removing Ubuntu (should you wish to do so) is as easy as uninstalling any other program. No messing with partitions, boot records and other more advanced topics.

    I can't use Ubuntu with my computer, because its hardware is too new (or too proprietary?) so a lot of functionality is missing, it crashes rather often and when it does work, this computer does not feel like a quad-core Intel i7 with 8 GB of RAM on it. I've found that Linux works best on slightly aged hardware, and I'm proven right every time I buy a new computer. I don't blame the OS, though, I blame the manufacturers who don't give a moment's notice to what is, in my opinion, the best operating system out there.
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  11. Well if you are using Wubi it does have a performance impact so its better to have it dual-boot with a different partition, unless your that person thats not a tech-nerd but from what I see I think I know what your talking about, tech-nerds FTW! For your computer I'm not too sure, if your using Wubi for it then it might be that. Ubuntu/Kubuntu is designed to be compatible with any hardware out there, its even compatible with the PS3's processor which Windows is not able to do.
  12. I've found that the performance impact is minor, especially when using an SSD, lol. However, it's so much easier than messing with partitions and booting, and asTehwafflezseems to be not quite the computer expert, it would be much easier to use Wubi.

    As much as you'd like that to be true, they cannot design something to be compatible with hardware that has not yet been made, nor with hardware that they don't have drivers for. They rely mainly on the Linux kernel team (and contributors) to provide these drivers, as well as a few thoughtful device makers, and there's a limit to how fast they can churn out new ones. In fact, I have an older computer, which I think must have very rare hardware, because it's still not 100% compatible with Ubuntu, and that one runs nothing BUT Ubuntu.

    As for being compatible with the PS3, that's not that impressive. The Linux kernel (and the GCC compiler) has been created to run on pretty much every known CPU.

    I haven't tried the latest (12.04), so maybe that will change things for this computer. I'm not in a rush, though, I've gotten pretty comfortable here in Windows 7, I'm sad to say. :p
  13. Windows 7 was the greatest thing Microsoft made! But Windows 8 is going to suck :(
  14. alright guys thanks for your help.. Im a basic computer guy as i am only 15 but i am learning everyday.. I just really needed help from some experts on this kind of thing and tha looks like just what i got thanks.
  15. I personally don't recommend running Linux and Windows from the same haddrive. Windows needs an NFTS file system and Linux Fat32. Running both on one drive is asking for trouble should you ever need to recover data from that drive. I would say buy a second drive and dual boot with Grub. That way if some real damage gets done you don't loose everything.
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  16. They're seperated by a partition and Linux supports more than just Fat32.
  17. Why?
  18. Windows 8 is going to have a more mobile interface. Which will likely be ALLOT different than Windows 7 and below.
  19. But that doesn't mean it will suck
  20. it means there wont be a lot to it and not enough stuff to make it awesome