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  1. So,

    I did codecademy's HTML/CSS and JS coding program and I have been using notepad for coding since. I really enjoy making weird websites, but I want to get more 'professional' with it.

    Is there any clean, easy to use, cheap/free programs out there that are good for coding HTML,CSS, and JS?


  2. notepad++ is pretty good for that. It is free and powerful.

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  3. Thanks, I am installing it now!
  4. This may sound like an odd suggestion, bear with me, but Microsoft Expression Web is quite good for working with websites. Its part of their Expression software series and fits in nicely together with Expression Design (a graphics editor). Several years ago I actually purchased this program (and never regretted it) but these days they stopped its development and moved all of this into their Visual Studio environment. The good news: right now you can download and use the Expression software for free. Check out the Microsoft Expression page.

    Just to give you an impression:
    Working on my Intranet with Expression Web

    As you can see it's not fully WYSIWYG but it does give you a good example of what you're working with. The main approach here isn't a Dreamweaver-like drag and drop approach but focusses more on coding than the visual elements. Although you can use drag and drop if you want. If you check the upper right corner you'll see a collection of HTML tags which you can simply drag into your code.

    What I like most about this software is that it doesn't tie you down into some weird abstraction but uses pure HTML and nothing more. The best part, even though this is Microsoft we're talking about (so ASP comes to mind) is that it also provides full support for PHP, JavaScript and obviously things like CSS (see the lower right corner for that).

    See here:


    Expression web fully focusses on website management and editing. You can easily maintain multiple websites, it provides options to always keep your website structure in mind and navigating to several website pages (see last picture) is also quite easy.

    What's also nice is that it allows you to make templates (master pages). So if you have a section where several of your webpages will use the same layout then you'd only have to create that layout once (the template). After that all pages use the template so you'd only have to add contents.

    If you do pick this one up I'd also strongly recommend grabbing Expression Design as well. Its no Photoshop, sure, but it does get the job done when it comes to editing, manipulating and setting up graphic contents for uses in websites. It also allows you to make graphical menus and such.

    Note; it may have a bit of a learning curve but should be easy enough to manage. Though do keep in mind that this program is no substitute for knowing HTML. You can get some sites set up I suppose, but understanding HTML will get the most out of this software.

    Hope this can help too.
  5. Thanks Shel, checking this one out too.

    I understand HTML for the most part, CSS and JS need some work for me though.
  6. I only code in c++, Java, or rarely Python, but I use Geany exclusively (the university I go to has it installed on ever CompSci PC). I cannot guarantee it supports what you code in, but I would suspect it does.
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