Good bye emc.

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by ECID_Goku, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. I'm perma banned, and will no longer be playing. So this is my good bye to everyone who cares I guess :p any ways Have fun and don't break the rules!
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  2. you will be missed
  3. Sorry to see you go :( Considered getting an alt?
  4. Ban evasion???
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  5. Yes.
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  6. I'll miss you :/ Good luck in college, and have a good life!
  7. You can always try appealing.
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  8. That's always the answer!
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  9. Appeal!
  10. I don't think she can appeal, considering that she was temp banned a few days earlier for attempting to do a glitch, and now she is permabanned for doing a glitch.
  11. I am really surprised you took advantage of a glitch. I will miss you, and good luck in college

    P.S. On an alt for a moment. This is Olaf_C.
  12. what glitch is even still on emc besides the block glitching one
  13. There are still glitches. There are probably hundreds, but the real hard part is discovering a glitch. There used to be one where passing items through a nether portal would duplicate items. There was another diamond block duplication one that happened a while ago.
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  14. oh well i try to stay away from those lol
  15. removed - do not share exploits
  16. Infinite paper villagers are legal.
  17. Well, if he used some sort of glitch, than why are infi villagers allowed? They are a glitch too :/
  18. But only because someone says they are. Is it a glitch?
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  19. I am not sure what type of glitch it was, but if infinite villagers were illegal, a huge amount of people on EMC would be banned. Infinite villagers are not really a glitch, also. It is going to get removed, but still is not considered a glitch.
  20. Keep this thread to goodbyes only please. Do not reveal any possible exploits, or I will have to lock this and maybe even be forced to pursue a site ban.
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