"good bye emc"

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  1. thees "bye" threads are annoying and too many people are leaving and most of them are just people wanting attention i know some are people leaving but some are overly dramatic so if you want to leave then leave!!
  2. bye!

    EDIT: oh wait, you ain't leaving?
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  3. You would think.... xD
  4. And The Famous Quooooteee issss
    "my brother got me banned"
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  5. You made me think for a second that you were going to leave. But no.

    Ps. This is the first good post I see from you, because you are right, too many people make threads about 'oh whiney whine, I'm leaving but I might come back and you'll be fine'
  6. Random Member: Soz I liek joinz yesderday, but I iz leaving 2dayz. But az a fairwell prezent, downate all yur rupez 2 meaz.
    Me: Inserts (Howaboutno.jpg)
    Random Member: Okayz thankz 4 rupez, beacuze of dat I will stay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: Scammer! I hope you get banned!
    Random Member: Hurr Durr The Words I Slur
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