Gollark8's Clockbuilding Service

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  1. Ever wanted a bigger clock then a vanilla one in an item frame?Ever wanted a clock that could be seen from 5 residences away?

    Then hire Gollark8's Clockbuiding Service!

    More info-
    I do NOT build a tower for the clock.It's up to you to make that.
    The clock may be affected by storms and rain
    I do not build clocks in wild areas.
    You can choose from two different designs-piston time indicator or lamp time indicator.

    Piston indicator clock-I supply materials-1000r.You tell me which block to use for indicators.Do NOT ask for really expensive blocks.Price is high due to sticky pistons not being cheap.
    Lamp indicator clock-I supply materials-620r
    Piston or lamp indicator clock-you supply materials-75r.
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  2. Could i see an example?
  3. Yes.There's one by the construction site on my res,2303.
  4. I cant find it.... your res has a lot going on
  5. So it's basically a display that shows what level of sunrise and sunset the sun is at?
  6. I think it's a clock that shows mc time right? If so I would love one please.
  7. Yes.It's based on light levels.
    Yes.Please choose a package.
  8. Ill take all of them, or whatever, for 2k, Ill contact you about building Friday :D
  9. So you want both?Piston and lamp?
  10. What materials are involved in each?
  11. errm, could i have a picture? I'm debating adding one of these on the tower in the middle of my res depending on the size
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  12. Cobble,but I can change that,lamps,repeaters x16,lamps x16,one redstone torch,redstone x18,daylight sensor.
    There's an example at 2303.Just left of the res spawn.It's the thing with the lights.
  13. How much cobble?
  14. A stack or so.I didn't bother to count.
    EDIT:I think around 40