Golem Jam the end

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  1. It seems the Iron golems are stuck ? ... Anyone know how to fix it .. or will it resolve it self ? I dont come here much so i have no idea .. :oops:

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  2. If you try relogging it may or may not fix the problem. If not, kill the golems and see if new golems still get stuck.
  3. I did try relogging and that didnt help .. but after punching him a few time the problem golem did move and go into the lava .. Now there is another one farther down who is clogging it .. going to try and move him ...Ty for the help
  4. ok i punched the other clogged one and the one behind him glitched through the wall . he is now out of the glass . lol i have 0 weapons will he die easy ?
  5. I don't think he'll die that easily :p
  6. Finally killed him ... after he killed me of course ... had to rum home for some weapons .. here is a screen shot of him walking around like he owns the place .. :p

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  7. I like to use a bow to unclog Golems.
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