Goldlix - SMP9 Public Gold Farm

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  1. Hello there! I've been working on the sorta old SMP9 public gold farm, and its starting to look not dull anymore :p. There was a post about this awhile back but since I've been working on it a lot lately I've decide to give the farm a proper name (yes the name is a spoof of Pigmentus). Here's a new picture of the front of the farm -

    There's a cleric and enchanting table here. Please don't kill the cleric. You will also need a Looting 3 sword. I will be polishing the area up a lot so it looks nicer. If you need to get there contact AustinAmpharos.
    I hope you all enjoy the farm :p.

    Special thanks to MoeMacZap and ItsMeWolffpack
    built by - AustinAmpharos and ItsMeWolffpack
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  2. Looks nice! Cant wait for it!
  3. Cool :)
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  4. As a player who has been using this gold farm for the last week I must say that it works really well!
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  5. Nice design! I will check it out. :)
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  6. ... and the farm has it's first griefing. Someone broke half the farm by messing with the water flow.
  7. I'll come by with ItsMeEmpire and check it out, thanks for telling us!

    [EDIT':] Fixed.
  8. I remember everything about how to get there but what wild is it?
  9. Its /wild n
  10. Bump! And fixed minor things.

    [EDIT]; Is the Enchanting table gone??!!!?!
  11. Went out and saw this not so long ago, looks great guys! :)
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  12. Very nice farm. found it today through this thread. don't see an enchantment table and the cleric is gone. I can donate a villager egg if it helps.
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  13. Thanks telling us about the missing table and villager! We'll be out later to fix it!
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  14. So, the Farm was griefed, I reported it to EvilToade and he did his investigation. some iron blocks were taken maeking two of the beacons not work, an emerald block was taken from the top of a small structure, and a piece of sandstone removed from the front of the farm its self.
    I'm donating some iron blocks to see if i can't get one of the beacons working.
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  15. And the beacon is running. :)
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