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  1. Hello Reader, :)

    I was wondering about buying a Gold membership...
    More deeply wondering about the second residence:
    If I buy the Gold membership for a month, After that month will my second residence
    get deleted?

    Thank you for your time,

    Soon to be Gold Supporter,
  2. Not yet, however eyecar and justinguy are going to make it happen soon. However if you are not gold/diamond, and someone requests your 2nd+ res, it will be reset with warning.
  3. Who's eyecar?
  4. I think they mean Aikar
  5. So until someone wants my residence i still have it? and if someone does want it i will get a warning on the site or ingame? EDIT: Until Justinguy does something about it like you said
  6. I think you get a warning on both, not sure though.
  7. I think, at this moment, if you were a supporter, then your extra res will be safe.
    Alhough, if, in the future, there is a shortage of res's then you extra ones will be reset with a warning as more need to become available.
    But I don't think someone can deliberately ask for yours to be reset if there are still open res's
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  8. You do get a warning.
  9. And it doesn't look like it's something that will be happening soon.
    For example, at the moment there are currently 377 open res across smps 1-9
    And even IF they all become full the smart thing to do would be to enforce the derelict policy.
  10. The lack of enforcing the derelict policy I'm blaming on aikar and his economy ruining antics...
  11. That poor guy can't even sneeze without ruining the economy...
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  12. whose Aikir and how does he ruin the economy? lol
  13. Hes a Snr Staff and people just got the idea because of all his updates that he's ruining the economy by adding less mob spawns, mob limits etc and that people make money from it.
  14. wouldnt less mobs be a good thing? i hate getting killed by skele's and creepers
  15. Thats good but sheep, cows, pigs etc are limited to 1 area and people make money through mob drops too
  16. oh, didnt think of that lol
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