Gold VS Diamond

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  1. Hillo guys Dc here.

    Is donating for gold worth more than donating for diamond?

    IM thinking about donating for diamond but gold seems more worth it.

    the most stuff i watn from diamond is the rupee thing and the epic light-blue name color.i am seriously considering this. i also dont mind the residence messege but i want to ask u guys.

    Is gold better than diamond?
  2. you can compare all member status here
  3. is the difference between gold and diamond worth 10bucks?
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  4. i dunno, if u want way more rupees id go with diamond, but if u want just a lil more go with gold because i went from 3k to 21k in a matter of days when i got gold? And maybe go diamond For TNT , its dynamite! And too help justin out hes a father now... sooooooo yer
  5. Yes!! Not only do you get all the great perks, but you also donate with the knowledge that you are helping inrichen the EMC experience for players :)
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  6. In my opinion Gold currently offers better value for money than Diamond (eg, unless you need TNT you're better off with 2 Gold accounts than 1 diamond - more lots and more rupees). What it really comes down to is what is EMC worth to you. I was going to switch to Gold, but I decided I'd treat this like a humble bundle and pay what I think it's worth to me.
  7. Sweet! im going for diamond on feb 25
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  8. Thank you, it is much appreciated :)
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  9. Yeah its my billing date
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  10. Shoot i just realised that im gonna have to earn this moneyz by myself cuz my moms not lending me her credit card
  11. Im 16 and the legal age for a credit card in my country is 21
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  12. Well, just like anything in life, if you really want something, you would work hard for it :)
  13. Challenge accepted
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  14. yes i know but i dont have a paypal acc
  15. That is the smartest legal thing I have ever heard of, *begins writing letter to senator*
  16. Im felling sad that i cnt support u guys :(

    but maybe if i do well in my exams ill might convince my mom to break open her wallet
  17. maybe ill just get a gold acc :)
  18. How about u pay through your mom instead of letting your mom pay for it all.
    That might be easier way of convincing your mom :)