Becoming a supporter without a credit card?

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  1. Hi!
    I would like to support the server. I do have a paypal account with money in it but no credit card. When I try to upgrade paypal tells me I need a credit card. Over here credit cards at not that common as in the US and I will not get one just to pay this one thing. I still would like to support the server though :)
  2. Hey zulu9, PayPal is dumb sometimes lol. What you can do is use paypal and send a payment to the email address: "", be sure to put in the notes what level you are buying and for how long (example $10 for two months Iron, $10 for one month Gold, etc). It will not upgrade you auto but I will do ASAP when I see the email :)
  3. Thanks. Paypal can indeed be dumb.
    Done the transaction to the email now :)
  4. I got it, thanks for supporting :)
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  5. Thanks for the quick replies. Worked great.
  6. I was wondering about this last month lol.
    And still confusing
    -Credit Card

    When I go to paypal.
    It's like "Link your credit card with paypal"

    Me ---> // Palmface // + :confused:
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  7. I have a question: If I enter my credit card details, will it automatically get charged every month, or do I get the chance to terminate the upgrade before every payment?
  8. After you upgrade you will see a big cancel button at the top of the upgrades page. You can cancel it at any time (even immediately if you only want to pay for one month). Also if you have a PayPal account you can log into that and cancel it instead, option is yours :)
  9. I will cancel then. Not because I do not want to renew but because I did a one time payment. Or will be cancelled automatically after a month if I do not renew?
  10. You don't have to cancel because you only sent it for one time :)
  11. Ok. Thanks :)
  12. Why cant I pay with a credit card without registering an account with Paypal? I dont want to register an account with Paypal!
  13. You don't have too, you can pay with a CC without a PayPal account :)
  14. But whenever I enter my CC info, it asks me to sign up with Paypal. It wont proceed without it.
  15. Hmmm it shouldn't, lots of people pay without a PP account, does it give you an error, or skip button?
  16. Ive uploaded a screenshot of the page. This is what I get immediately after the CC information entry page. (I've blacked out my personal details)

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  17. I once attempted to click on Continue without entering anything. Then I get the error message shown at the top of the screenshot.
  18. Hmm I will ask them about it, thanks :)

    Edit: I just tried it and I get: pp.PNG , do you not get that option when you start?
  19. Yeah, the times i have payed it also give me this option, but even though i choose the cc option it still ask's me to make a paypal account. But! Only after I have payed, so the solution is to just ignore the paypal add and print the payment details or just close the window, as i do, whatever.
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  20. I selected that option before entering my CC details, yes.