Going on a long trip! lloking for one Recruit!!!!!!!

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  1. hello everybody and today I am here to tell you that the next few days until sunday I will be Traveling in the waste far far far far far very very very very very far far and am going alone or if someone wants to come they may but only on person but you must type an application that I will tell you about and also you must be good in basic minecraft skills in killing and mining you must share items with me the event will be on these days 12/18/14 and 12/20/14 and 12/21/14 you will be out there if you leave you can just tell me about yourself
  2. FYI, The waste has a world border at 4k blocks away from the centre outpost. If you want to go as far as your saying, you have to do that in the frontier. :)
  3. that's what I was thinking, lol you can't go very far in the Wastelands
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