[Going Green] Mod Pack Challenge

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  1. Going Green is a mod pack challenge idea i have created. It is a fun new way to experience the modded Minecraft world! Keep your Minecraft world as clean as possible to keep that nasty pollution away.

    Warning, science ahead!
    How it works :
    Like any other, you have to start normally (Yeah you would need a furnace which creates SO2, CO2...). but after that you will have to keep your planet as clean as possible or at least try to use minimal coal, oil, gas in your world.

    What! No Fossil fuels?
    Yes that's right but you can easily create power etc without the need of them. For example use the forestry mod to make apples into ethanol! Yes apples still will release CO2 etc into your world but that is ok! If an apple tree takes in co2 to grow, when you burn the ethanol, you are just releasing the CO2 it took in to grow (Aka Carbon Neutral).

    What mods should i use? :
    My advice is use a heavy technical mod pack e.g Any of the technical ftb packs.

    I'd love to know if you gave this challenge a try, post below if you want and say how you did!
    Would like feedback to improve this challenge!

  2. Does lava count as clean fuel?
  3. Volcanic gas is in it. :]
  4. I would love this challenge, test my skills and stuff :)
    Until I get a better PC (or just a mac, from what I've heard they work well with mc)
    I can't install any mod packs or resource packs

    My PC won't even reset anymore so XD
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  5. What about using sticks as fuel?
  6. Any wood, trees take co2, burning outputs co2. Carbon neutral!
  7. So what if i replant the trees i cut down?
  8. Correct. that will keep the levels right!
  9. Just saying charcoal would work
  10. *Drives to my private space shuttle in my private jet from one of the fourteen aircraft carriers I own*
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  11. But this would create double the CO2
  12. Ah correct, im a numpty
  13. You must use planks.
  14. anything wood i guess.
  15. Holy title skills. I think I will participate in this because of that beautiful title.

    Mailing you a slab now.
  16. I won't be doing this because I don't play mod packs, but it's a good idea. :)
  17. You would need two trees to make charcoal, one for the charcoal material and the other to burn it. You would get one unit of CO2 for creating the charcoal, and another for using the charcoal. You can never make something from nothing.
  18. :D i love photoshop!
  19. bumperooo
  20. What about Blaze Rods?