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  1. I may be wrong, but it appears that godaddy was hit with some form of attack today.....

    Anyone have any info? aikar? icc?
  2. Anonymous "claims" to have done it, but they're really good at taking credit for crap after it's happened already. They were in fact attacked, though it's not certain by who. I guess their DNS servers are messed up and it's affecting millions of websites right now.
  3. They claim to do everything - I did wonder why I couldn't access my server today.
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  4. That's what I heard as well. It doesn't seem like something Anonymous would have done.

    It's got a few of my domains down, but I don't think its just a DDOS. One of the software companies I represent was affected, and a few contacts in our address book received some nonsense spam. I'm waiting for them to forward me the messages now to investigate.

    I thought "we" were registered through godaddy as well, so checked here when I heard. Hopefully we won't get hit with any repercussions.
  5. Our domains are registered via GoDaddy but our DNS is handled elsewhere from what Justin told me, so we should be fine.
  6. Actually this is a prime candidate for anonymous.

    GoDaddy is controversial because they support SOPA/PIPA, so anonymous hitting them (and I really hate typing that.. but ill keep it simple for you guys) is very much on par with the MO.

    Sec guy here said something like 3 of the dns servers got taken out.
  7. There a minority......... A supporter of SOPA/PIPA should just move to China....
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  8. I'd also like to add to myself

    The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it. - John Gilmore
  9. That totally makes sense then. I had no idea that godaddy was a supporter. The last time I registered a domain with them was long before those bills were in the spotlight....
  10. I go through a free nameserver. But I also haven't done anything with my site in years.
  11. I wouldn't see the reason why they would attack sites like EMC. We're just people playing Mincecraft for the heck of it.
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  12. Next thing you know they are gonna hack EVERYTHING <--- caps FTW <---- caps again yeah
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  13. I actually have not really used godaddy for 3 years, when I was an amateur at making games. I have no idea what the site is like now.
    I hate SOPA, PIPA & ACTA. I don't think i'll go back to godaddy until those bills are officially wiped off the earth. My country also blocked piratebay, which I used to download an indie game that came in a torrent package. The FBI shut down MegaUpload, which had my mod on it and made me lose all of my work.

    I hate those bills.

    Also, I support anonymous. They have saved us from internet censorship bills hundreds of times by hacking the government's computers and websites.
    But also as a junior navy & military cadet I shouldn't be supporting these types of things xD
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  14. You get this?

    =Goodfight the 6.8million they spent on blocking it.
  15. It's blocked? Or is it ment to look like that?
    I'm on sky. Virgin hate me for not paying them, even though I did pay them.
    Yeah, I use hidemyass. Best proxy going.
  16. Thepiratebay is blocked by Virgin - That's the image I get - And that's the proxy I use.
  17. Soul - what country? My brother in law spent 6 months in China. That's some real censorship there. My wife has also been in Hong Kong recently, as well as Bangaladesh... No real censorship issues in either, but the connection in Bangaladesh was horrendous.

    Joshposh - what kind of speeds do you get with Virgin? I was under the impression that they only had mobile broadband. I'm located in the tristate area of the east coast though, so we have time Warner, comcast, and Cablevision as our main cable providers. Verizon fios is big as well, but far too pricy. I've never had anything censored or blocked.
  18. There is one site blocked on BT in the UK due to a lawsuit, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is...
  19. Virgin are a UK only company for broadband
    Speed test

  20. Thepiratebay