GOD ARMOR /v 10017!

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  1. I've restocked god armor at /v 10017 on smp5. This armor is perfect for the new PvP arena and Mob arena. Get it while it's still in stock!

    Current Stock:
    5 Unbreaking 3 Protection 4 Diamond Helmets
    7 Unbreaking 3 Protection 4 Diamond Chestplates
    10Unbreaking 3 Protection 4 Diamond Leggings
    3 Unbreaking 3 Protection 4 Diamond Boots
  2. ooo save some for this guy
  3. Just saying: Since in the PVP arena durability doesn't decrease, wouldn't it be a better idea to have prot 4 & Thorns 3 armor?
  4. y no protecton v :D
    jk is current stock though, also unbreaking doesnt make armor last longer, unless the server has a special plugin.
  5. This isn't exactly for pvp, it was originally a mob arena shop.
  6. Alrighty, but maybe your next batch of armor could be meant for pvp with the thorns 3, you could sell quickly(just random thoughts by me)
  7. Unbreaking creates a chance that when the item is used, it has a chance of not taking a durability point. Unbreaking does indeed help make items last longer.

    Back on topic... I might stop by and buy a set. Just maybe...
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  8. I can do custom orders, but I don't think people want thorns armor, if they do I would make more.
  9. Your right i was thinking of something else, making armor unbreakable before the introduction of new NBT tags
  10. It's pretty helpful in pvp so that you can at least do partial damage to someone who is sitting there firing at you. Although - the way thorns works is that only one piece of your armor has to have it for it to work. Having multiple with thorns is absolutely useless.
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  11. Do they each cost 5k? If so, could you lower it a bit?
  12. They cost 5k per yes, and no.
  13. I shall get some cash and get a set :)
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  14. Bump, BigDavie mob arena tomorrow you'll need to armor up! :D
  15. You are big on advertising, aren't ya?
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  16. Good marketing makes you or breaks you.