God Armor shop and enchanted books SMP6

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  1. Just wanted to remind everyone about our Brilliant stores on smp6

    The enchanted books shops, a small town that has a few little shops selling you enchanted books in different levels, at good prices.
    need to enchant your fishing rod? your bow? a shovel? or your armor? come to /v +books on smp6
    free uses of anvil on site. Feel free and welcome to come over and visit /v +books

    Also.. new in at /v +rr The god armor shop!
    /v +rr bazaar has opened. it is located at the end of the res ( or just /v +rr bb) in there we have it all.
    we have on the top floor top enchanted diamond God armor and weapons.
    in the basement we have enchanted shovels, pickaxes, axes and fishing rods.
    at the middle level we have chain mail armor, iron armor and Gold armor, randomly enchanted for a good price.

    you looking to bulk buy Stone, cobble, sting, arrows or bones? /pm me in game or on the forums.

    We hope to see you at our store!

    want to participate in our Make a wish foundation
    go to our res /v +rr wish. sign a book and throw it in the fountain.. your wish just might come true.

    want to hear our new theme song? Click this epic link to listen to Enchanted
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