Gocgle+ Is Down? (Rantering)

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  1. Hello. This is TheEpic5. Today, I'm talking about gocgle+. Around youtube, people have complained about gocgle+. People have used a figure called "Bob." He's been around most youtube videos. How people made this is called ASCII. (I dun even.) ASCII was made by Gocgle, I believe. With this also comes, *****. And alot of unwanted links. Also, Gocgle+ allows for entire movie scripts to be made! (Or really long text chats.) Here's an example comment about spammers.

    VIRUS. Or ****. Or something. Can't comment on videos because of gocgle+. It's odd that gocgle+ is doing this to us, but gocgle has been with youtube longer than youtube has been with theirselves. In 2007-2008, Gocgle bought youtube. Gocgle+ Was Made in June 2011 as testing, but eventually was realised to the public on Sept. 20th, 2011. Also, this link.
    http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014...tegration-drastically-cut-division-resources/ You think it's true.

    Reminder: Please don't hate me.
  2. What is Gocgle? Also, ASCII has existed for decades.
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  3. Sorry, but your post is a bit hard to follow. ASCII was not made by Google. It was made before they existed.
    What? How does the Google+ comment system do any of that?
    Ar you sure? It is fairly easy to comment. It is no harder than it is to make a thread on EMC.
    It isn't that odd for a company to try to push it's own services.
    The article specifically states that Google said they have no intention of removing Google+ and that they will continue to grow and devolop it.
    I don't want to sound like I am hating, I just want to make sure that people can see both sides to the issue.
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  4. 1. Well, google plus does allow for unlimited characters per comment. I guess that it allows links to get onto google+ and stupid people can do it.

    2. Actually, there was a minecraft youtuber that couldn't comment because he was trying to make a google+ account, but it WASN'T going to use his real name. He got banned from google+ services.

    3. Actually, this is one of your comments that I sort of agree with. It's trying to intergrate youtube into google+. Although, it's making it to the point where you need to make a google+ account to comment.

    4. The other one that I agree with. This time, fully. I should of read it during the making of this. I read it before, but not during. It's going to intergrate it onto Android.

    5. Ok, thanks for telling your side.
    I'm trying to make fun of google plus. Also, I'm an idiot. Hey, atleast I have less hate on this than my roblox thread.
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  5. 1. Unlimited characters isn't bad. Youtube automatically hides long comments so you have to expand them
    2. I am using a fake name (jack jkrmnj) and Google doesn't care. He must have been very unlucky.
    3&4. Cool

    5. Lol. I am glad to hear that we have a better community than Roblox does :p
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  6. 1. What if you accidently hit it. THE 100 METER SCROLL! Which you can play: http://the100meterscroll.com
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    3.4. kbai
    5. No, this happened ON EMC. I was talking about roblox.
  7. What's Google+?
  8. Okay, why did you spell Google as gocgle every time in your post? :confused:
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  9. THERE!
  10. Then could you explain what's so funny about Gocgle? :p

    I agree about the name. I'm on Google+ with my full name because of one misclick I made while using google maps, and I'm not comfortable with that. Youtube also has asked me dozens of times if I want to change my name to my RL name. No, I don't. And most well-known youtubers have a nickname for their account, so I don't get why google wants you to use your real name.