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  1. The Goblins have come, scavenging around EMC to find valuables...

    This month scavenging item is gold and Emeralds... Goblin™ wants gold!!

    Buy Prices:

    1 Gold Ingot- 10r
    64 Gold Ingots- 600r
    1 Gold Block-88r
    64 Gold Blocks-5555r
    Goblin™ also buys nuggets

    Buy Prices:
    1 Emerald- 35r
    64 Emeralds- 320r

    More Items coming...
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  2. Increased the Prices!!
  3. Might want to update the OP.
  4. What do you mean I should update the OP?
  5. It still says 10r in the OP.
  6. I edited only the block prices not the ingots.
    Is that for me? :p
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  7. This is pretty cool. I'll see what I have laying around.
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  8. Of course!
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  9. I see the block price in the OP is still 90r per block?
  10. Check the per stack price.
  11. I very rarelyhave gold but keep checking my shop 1547
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  12. Thanks
  13. Goblin™:

    Im going to looking for some gold, I will most definitely sell you some!
  14. Cleaned up the thread
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  15. Thanks
  16. This is cool. Time to find some cold !!!!!
  17. gold*
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  18. thanks.
  19. NOTICE: Goblin™ is lowering the prices due to shortage of rupees, Prices will increase if more players sell to Goblin™ .