"glow bridge" on smp5 wilderness creeper attack.

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  1. Hello my friends. I am looking for whoever built the "glow bridge" to alert them that, partially due to my own carelessness the steps on it were partially destroyed by a rogue creeper attack. I wasn't quite sure how to rebuild it, and only glimpsed the name of the bridge and then some name along the lines of "herobrine" as the creator. I hope that if you know who built it you will alert them.

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  2. Bloody Creepers :(
  3. I've fixed the bridge, hope it lasts a little while :)
  4. I wish it was mine! xD
  5. Smp 5 open ?
  6. Has been for some hours now :)
  7. this makes me happy :) i love honest people.
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  8. darn herobrine always building bridges in weird places. XD

    the bridge is in the reset area, so do not feel bad if it becomes a victim of the elements. It will simply repair itself every two weeks or so. Because herobrine just wanders and constructs as he sees fit.
  9. Very nice bridge :) cool
  10. Alright, I visited the glow bridge again today and it has been heavily griefed. It's made me quite upset. Feel free to compare the pictures I previously posted on the top of this with the ones i am now uploading(it is missing glowstone, some wood, and fences). please people. no griefing, or people will just stop making awesome monuments like this randomly in the server. Thanks guys.

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  11. kind of sad, people think just because it's in the reset area it's free reign to destroy :(
  12. Oh thats horrible I can't see the difference my computer can't load it.
  13. Yeah i come on to smp5 from smp4 to get fresh resources (Loving smp5) and it was like this when i was there. There was lots of creepers and me and this guy were trying to defend it because it was such a waste of resources to have it blown up. I bet its all gone now :( . If someone finds the guy that built it I'd be happy to donate him some rupees and wood to rebuild it.