Glorious Return Build! =p

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  1. Real quick, if you don't know me I used to be on this server a while ago, took a long haitus from the server, (but not MC in general), now I'm back and building a good sized res to start things off. =]

    It's still very much so WIP, but I'll get there. *cough* donations help *cough*

    If you can guess the theme of the residence i'll make a (small) section of the res dedicated to you. =p

    RES 731 - Gogo!

    Main Entrance Hall - Default
    Main Entrance Hall
    Second Floor
    TP Pad
    Third Floor WIP
    Along the outer Bailey
    Outside view (Very WIP)
  2. nice to see another person back!
    and it seems to be a mystic-fantasy medieval theme?
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  3. Wowow, I like this! Keep it up Rahl!
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  4. Nice, keep it up Alfredo =)
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  5. lels.

    ^_^ Will do!

    Is that your guess? And thanks, its nice to be back!
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  6. Stop being better than me at building. Imma hurt chu. Anyhoo, WELCOME BACK!!!one!1!!eleven!!11!
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  7. Thank you!!twelve!!
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  8. javaw 2014-10-07 12-26-33-11.jpg javaw 2014-10-07 12-26-49-53.jpg javaw 2014-10-07 12-27-07-20.jpg javaw 2014-10-07 12-27-28-33.jpg javaw 2014-10-07 12-27-32-52.jpg javaw 2014-10-07 12-28-32-38.jpg javaw 2014-10-07 12-28-40-13.jpg javaw 2014-10-07 12-30-09-23.jpg javaw 2014-10-07 12-30-15-02.jpg javaw 2014-10-07 12-30-48-95.jpg
    I have no idea how to get up to that second part :p If you show me I can also take some pics there
  9. Siiiiick
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  10. Is the shadow on the left tower in picture 1 from my viewing platform? XDDDDDDD
  11. Cool!
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  12. Haha Idk but you know I made that one res next to mine basically a viewing platform res? LOL
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  13. Wow thanks! Good job! xD But my res is maybe 30% done. =p

    There are four towers around the res that have winding stairs (or a tp pad on the bottom that will bring you tot the top) that will take you to every level of the place. =]
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