[glitch?] penned friendly mobs loose/despawned?

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  1. has anyone else had this problem?

    this morning i came to my res and my named horses had despawned from their fenced in stable, and five villagers had got loose from the pen i kept them in...and all but one had disappeared...

    i only know they escaped not despawned because one had closed a load of doors instead of disappearing off my res...

    anyone else had this problem?
  2. Type /entc . Is it close to 100?
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  3. It could be one of two things that I can think of. Either Thistle nailed it, and your ent count went over 100 or the mobs were spawning before the blocks around them, which is an issue ive had before. The ent count thing sucks, I lost close to 30 villagers experimenting with the ent count. What I don't know is if its possible for a neighbor to kite a flock of chickens onto your res and force some of our mobs to despawn. Might be something for staff to look into.
  4. Same thing happened to me. I've lost about 32 netherhounds this way. :(
  5. i think you're right! so, so sorry! i saw this on my mobile two days ago, intended to reply and then utterly forgot! very ungrateful of me!

    i am grateful, though, i had visions of poor dinara and praskoviya wandering loose around the town somehow but if they despawned, that's good, i was doing a lot of food farming recently so makes sense!

    thank you again!
  6. We recently found out that the marlix dupe bug actually extended to beyond marlix. I believe what may of been happening is that a residence had entities duplicated, putting it over 100, then the auto kill code got rid of some.

    But that dupe bug is now fixed (I haven't seen any new dupes of marlix)
    As for escaping pen, really unsure there but the nature of that dupe bug was really bad! it is possible it was related.
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  7. that's what happened! i saw a swarm of the marlices once! assumed it was an event!