Glitch or what?

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  1. Look, at my coords, then look at this.

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  2. The wastelands are considered a resource world, so their boundaries are limited.
  3. It's the force field in the hunger games lol
  4. It's the first stage of EMC's PvP update! D:

    If that update comes in stages of Aikar time, this is going to take a looooong time...
  5. There are boundaries around the Wastelands world.
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  6. Lol that'd be sweet.
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  7. You're meant to mercilessly strip the wastelands of material, the block limit helps prevent people from going out and getting too attached to said world.
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  8. Okay, so the wastelands are a 8k x 8k block world?
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  9. On a totally unrelated note: isn't it spelled further? I think furthur is a typo
  10. Nice catch, didn't see that. You are correct.
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  11. no..
  12. least its not valve time
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  13. Lol, sonicol1 and me died from that 4 days ago :D.
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  14. Aikar time is worse than Valve time :p
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  15. For all intents and purposes, yes. :)
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  16. We are going to run out of Mesa fast.
  17. you can go to frontier and just go out further the new areas that gen would be the new biomes
  18. Aikar time: Does updates regularly
    Valve time: Does updates once per millenium
  19. If you're going by what the picture says, then that would be century, not millenia.
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  20. wait... what? the picture highlights the 1*10^3 digit, that in calendrical form is called millennial, a century is 1*10^2
    unless your trying to say that in 19*10^2 Halflife 1 came out and in 20*10^2 Halflife 2 came out? but that can be simplified again as Halflife 1 came out in 199*10^1 and Halflife 2 in 200*10^1 to be each decade... which means we're due the game some point in 21*10^1 ... so in within the next 6 years then!
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