Glitch Death Refund

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by holt0222, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Hey I do not know if admins have the power to give items, but I was wondering if I could be refunded for a glitch death. I was digging my way back because I did not want to get killed above ground and I always use the shift key when walking in case of edges. Well A stone block was showing but when I walked on it, I fell right through and plummeted to my death. I had 15 Jungle Saplings. 2 stacks of oak saplings. 7 stacks of wood, various kinds. A plethora of Dirt and Cobble Stone. and a few tools.
  2. Staff can check death logs and see what really killed you - these deaths generally aren't glitches :) Unfortunately you probably won't get your stuff back :)
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  3. Yeah it normally, is just a skeleton behind you or something witch could fire you off the sides.

    That won't work, if he fell to his death Square will only say
    Player fell to their death at - X Y Z
  4. aw owell I figured I would ask. Really was hoping to be able to get the saplings back to my farm.
  5. I've had the weird shift/invisible block glitch. But mine was trying to shift and chop two slabs I accidentally placed :/. Sorry you died though. Don't think I have anything close to the amount of stuff you lost :(.
  6. None of us know that's true until Square tells us. I will donate once I know it's a real glitch.
  7. u arnt gonna get ur stuff back because u forgot to hold shift
    btw u had nothing that great so don't swear about it
  8. Yeah haha, but it might not have been a fall :)
  9. Code:
    about an hour ago
    wilderness:271,48,-244 - holt0222 hit the ground too hard
    smp5about 2 hours ago
    wilderness:270,26,-328 - holt0222 was shot by Skeleton
    The estimate makes it look like far apart, but the deaths are only separated by 10 minutes. My guess, is that you got shot by a skeleton who knocked you off of a block. Either way, its part of survival, sorry you died bud. But, for those wondering, he did indeed, fall to his death.
  10. I checked all your death locations and found no items lying about. I think all your deaths occurred too close to spawn for the items to be in an unloaded chunk. Your fall deaths look like you died because the sand you were standing on fell. This occurs if you updated a block near it (dug out a block, placed a block, placed a torch).
  11. The reason it shows I was shot by skeleton death 10 minutes after or so was because I was trying to recover the items I had lost. When I did get down there though, they were not there. I figured this was because of the height that I fell from. Also this happened shortly after the nightly reset so I dont know if that would have anything to do with it.
  12. If it was 10 minutes after, the drop would have gone 5 minutes before.
    And they do last through resets.
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