Giving away "achievement get" sigs!

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  1. I made some sigs i dont want and ill be putting a new one up all the time First one:
    Second one:

    3rd one:

    4rth one:

    5th one:
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  2. Aren't these just made using the achievement generator? (
    I'm not claiming this one, by the way. I'm perfectly satisfied with my current sig.
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  3. Yes but i made them a while ago and downloaded them. I dont want them now so i just put them up there, i have many more of them.
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  4. I think what he means is that if someone wanted it they can easily generate their own :p But it's nice thoughts of you :)
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  5. :p i should've known thanks for the heads up
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  6. Hm, I don't really like how the s from porkchops doesn't stay in the box. I would recommend it without the over, still a nice idea for an achievement though :)
  7. where do u make you icon? lol :p
  8. First you have to go to:
    chose one and click on the characters. Type in your MC user and press player. To have multiple friends type in their names on the other people if you chose many people. Then when you finish chose your wallpaper size and download it. Put it somewhere you will remember it.

    Next go to this link: and click "chose file" chose the picture you just made at novaskin wallpapers that you should of downloaded. Pull the box that it shows until you make what you want to show fit. Then hit "make icon" under the preview box. Then right click the icon and hit "save as" and again put it somewhere you will remember it and name it something too...

    Last, just go click on your icon and change it to the icon you just made! Hope this helped.
    -Frosty :p
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  9. Lol i know, i just really liked it so i kinda just dealt with the fact it goes out of the box
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  10. To be honest, I prefer :)
  11. I'll look out for it, i just think the one i use is very simple.
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