Giving a startup bonus to derelict players

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  1. My suggestion is that when a player goes derelict and their residence (and therefore progress on EMC) is reset, should that player ever return to a force claimed residence; they should receive a good 5,000 rupees to startup again.

    Now to prevent abuse of alts, we'd need some simple check that confirms that the residence was modified from the default 60x60 grass.

    I'm hoping more people might come back and actually stay, instead of seeing their progress deleted and being left with absolutely nothing. This way they get a "reward" for coming back/a way to start up their progress again without going through the "beginner's cash grind" that nobody really likes :)

    EDIT: Maybe if the player's balance was already >10k(?) then they don't get 5k or they could get like 2.5k. Another possibility is to give them a kit of a stack of oak logs, torches, food, starter kit, and other items that are good to have in the beginning.
  2. Also, and I'm surprised why you didn't include this, if the player is already fairly rich, then there would be no need for the 5k.
  3. +1
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  4. Sounds good, but a couple technicalities need to be worked out.
    Say they used to be a supporter and one of their (2, 4) res' were forceclaimed?
    Like rainbow said, what would the rupee cutoff point be? Should we even have a cut off point, or just give everyone 5k?
  5. How is your res all of your progress on EMC? I'm sure there are a number of players who don't own a res, and simply live in the wild. You just can't make statements and assumptions like that...
  6. Another reason for the check making sure you've done something to your residence.
    Added to OP
  7. I agree that there would be no need, but everyone should be treated the same. Chances are that if they are that rich anyway, they won't even notice the extra 5k, thus it not affecting anything, or it will just be handed off to other players through the economy.
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  8. I saw a player quit again because of this.
  9. Some people will do that. It's their fault...
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  10. We want players to come back, not quit again.
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  11. I like this idea for awarding players to come back. However, rupees doesn't mean anything when you lost it all.
    By giving the returning people items instead of rupees, it isnt interesting for abuse.
    Therefor I fully support the idea to give them a starterkit (few items to get them started, as stated in the OP).

    TL;DR: Award players for their return with items, not rupees.
  12. Yea, starter kit better than giving cash IMO.

    However, you talk of abuse using alts. This isn't really gonna happen is it? How would they do it?

    Alt claims land, then doesn't log in for 25? days. Main account forceclaims the land costing them 5000 rupees. Alt returns and gets 5000 rupess... I don't see a profit, and who's gonna wait 25 days for that.

    Or Alt claims land, then doesn't log in for 25 days. Main account waits for some random person to forcelaim the land and then logs alt in to claim the 5k rupeess.. Again, 5k profit for waiting 25days not using an alt doesn't seem like a profit to me...

    So not sure where the avenue for major abuse is here.

    IMO, the owner of a res should automatically get the 5k from the forcelaim anyway. I mean, some player just bought their res right? they should get the cash. Just saying.
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