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Have you heard of me or are you just here for the rupees? Don't lie. :P

I've heard of you 39 vote(s) 70.9%
For the rupees! 9 vote(s) 16.4%
Um…I'm your alt, so I've probably heard of you… 7 vote(s) 12.7%
  1. Um. Well. Hello EMC.
    I suppose I should tell you what this giveaway is for. Well my birthday and my first year on EMC are both coming up soon. 5th and 6th.

    So. Backstory on me before the giveaway. Warning: It's very long.

    A long, long time ago (more like a year, really), in a galaxy we all probably live in…a 13 year old boy learned of a game called "Minecraft". He had no idea what that game was, but from what he heard, you needed graph paper and there were wolves. Then his best friend got the game. Apparently it was "awesome". That friend, (Mcshakespeare007; left EMC) told the kid to get MC. Another friend, WeirdManaico revealed that he played MC as well. So the kid decided to try to play it at MCS007's house. He loved it. The whole 15 minutes of living. Then night came, and the kid had only a crafting table. He punched a wolf by accident, ran for his life, fell into water, couldn't sprint, and died. :D
    He then took on the enderdragon in CSP and won with eggs and a diamond hoe.
    MCS007 gifted the kid MC for his birthday. He loved it. He quickly emailed WeirdManaico what server Manaico played on. EMC.

    He joined SMP1 and claimed lot 2335. Then logged off for about an month playing in peaceful SSP. He got bored, so came back to EMC to give it another chance. He and Manaico did some stuff. Then Manaico texted(?) him about a massive diamond giveaway on SMP7. Kilmannan's giveaway. He rushed to SMP7 and manage to snag nearly two stacks of diamonds. Then (a crucial moment) the kid heard DogsRNice ask if anyone knew how to get to the LLO. No one who responded knew anything about it. The kid went to the forums to find out that the LLO was a massive outpost. He posted a (stupid) post and joined. He met many people without realizing who they were. SecretAznEks. Zulu9. PandasEatRamen. Dwight5273. Jakres. CambriaKilagannon. K123Nino. LuxuryMushroom. MrLegitisLegit. Creepincreepers7. Mba2012. ShavingFoam.
    After awhile of living in the Beach House (and lost nearly all the diamonds. >.<), the kid moved out and headed north. The area he built his house would become the 10th District of the LLO. It was a nice life there. Then BlitzkriegDD came along. The kid helped her build a dirt bridge to the LLO unaware that she was not a member. The kid was blamed.

    -Early LLO Days-
    While living in the newly established District 10, someone moved in across the "street" from him. The kid met Cmbcody, his first EMC friend not from RL. They built a library and a network of tunnels at D10 together. One day, Cmb got a roommate. Madbullman. He joined the kid and Cmb and built farms. He also made a vacation house which happened to be STILL in LLO territory. (Wasn't then)
    The kid was walking around the LLO one day when he found a new member. Indgomom. The kid gave her a mini tour and they passed Watk4219 while at the Beach House. The three eventually because good friends.
    The kid met many more LLO members. PhilovanRood, RuneWulf, Skywarp84, Luke4214, SqiggleyJeff, and many more.

    -August Fire-
    The LLO was griefed. Bad. Really bad. Unfortunately, only mba2012 and zulu9 were on at the time, so the LLO suffered worse damage than it should have. The kid got lucky and only had random junk stolen. (Thanks for the lock money Pandas!)
    The kid repaired a little bit of the damage and learned of the expansion to the west.

    -Westward Expansion-
    ShavingFoam and Zulu9 had built a bridge to the west. Creepincreepers7 built a spleef arena and an unfinished house there while LuxuryMushroom established the P.O.I.
    Zulu also built a library. RobLikesCake had built a platform over the water and was making some large station. He abandoned it. The kid started (and hasn't finished) a museum on the platform.

    -Wild Reach-
    One day, MrLegitisLegit asked the kid to join his new outpost. The kid, up for new things joined, becoming the second member after Jimbonothing64. It was a nice place. Indgomom joined too, along with a few other invite only members.
    Wild Reach spread to other servers. The kid was mainly involved in the smp2 and 3 camps.

    -The Lost City, Life at 2335, Sunstreak Islands, Depth-22, 100k out Era-
    Months passed. It was time for a new adventure. So when RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 started recruiting for a new wild outpost, the kid joined without a second thought. First member after RoBoT, but nearly the last to arrive. The kid's idea for the outpost to be called the Lost City was chosen so the Lost City became the name. Watk4219 and mba2012 both joined, so the kid knew a few people. He also met Southpark347, KingGeorge3rd, Nick_Godoy, Jtc0999, Zarembo1 and Slip_Stream. Together, they made an outpost in a mountain and around the area. Unfortunately, this outpost has kind of died…the kid will try to revive it in the future.

    After spending a long time in the wild, the kid decided to kick back and relax in town. He met aCookieGod, Jabrzer0, Qwerty189 and JackBiggin while there. He also saw Nick_Godoy on there as well. His res finally began to take random shape. A tree tower, pixel art, sheep farm, mooshroom pit, mycel basement, random club house/nightclub, a pond underneath the storage, trees, Slender arena, and hot air balloons. It was fun. He also convinced his RL friend Yogert_Slayer to join EMC, but Yogert didn't give him the referral bonus. >.<

    Sunstreak Islands is "the Ultimate Vacation Outpost". Mba2012 wanted to start a new outpost so he recruited the kid, Jakres, Luke4214, and Jimbonothing64 to help him do so. They set out on smp4, changed locations 3(or 4) times and finally settled down and built up a really nice place. The kid helped start the Pirate Assassin's club, captained by Jakres. He and Jakres also created a wolf army. The kid spammed the skies with hot air balloons based of off the ones at the LLO, but tweaked slightly.

    Depth-22 is an underwater base the kid created with his RL friend Yogert_Slayer and a non-RL friend, LeaR98. Catwarrior7 and Jakres joined as well. Jaari once visited. Not much has happened other than plans to build Rapture are in the works.

    100K out is a far out wild base headed by Creepincreepers7. The kid is still traveling there. :p

    -Move to SMP5 and the Future-
    The kid is indeed penfoldex. (No, he was Santa all along…) Anyways, so I've moved to smp5 as I've got some friends and cool people live there. :p

    Not sure what I'm going to do after my one year, but I'll be sure to stick around.

    I really wish I could tied every single last detail into my story, but that's take forever so here are people who deserve mentions:
    NINJATTILA: For being a good friend and fellow Daft Punk/Kingdom Hearts fan
    SoulPunisher: Also a good friend, and fellow Daft Punk fan.
    Battmeghs: Being Batman. :p
    HylianNinja: A true comic book fan. Thanks for helping me understand some things that I didn't understand in them. (like the Robin issue in the New 52)
    Pat2011: Helping run Wild Reach and make it a great place. :D
    SparerToaster: You were in the original draft of this thread, but my iPad crashed and I didn't feel like retyping several stories. (yes, this is the edited and shortened version of my time on EMC) Anyways, care for a crumpet and some tea, my fellow Portal fan?
    TheTruffleHunter: Star warfare!
    BilboBaggins23: Saving my life once! And being a good friend. :)
    Jcplugs: Daft Punk. :p and letting me "borrow" your profile picture.
    jkjkjk182: Being cool and giving me sugar cane.
    Torian42: Being a good friend. :)
    Sonicol1: Being funny and a good neighbor. :p
    SthenosX: Being a good person. Not sure if he's still around though…
    DaJaKoe: Showing me your lovely base.
    Braddock93: Being a fellow Doctor Who fan and building a TARDIS on SMP1
    Equinox_Boss: For the equinoxes…
    The staff: Now where would we be without you…thank you guys for doing so much for the Empire!
    And so many more of you awesome Empirans. Imperials? Stormtroopers!

    See next post for giveaway. I guess this could be an AMAA. Ask me almost anything.
  2. Bright green are the winners. Currently paying/setting up the access signs on my res, 10130 on smp5
    There will be 5 winners. Each winner will receive 11,111r and a DC of 25 different items in random quantity. 55,555r giveaway rules are: Post a number you want. Simple. Oh yeah, no alts.

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  3. 27 Plox
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  4. 36, that sounds like a number that will be randomly selected.

    Ask you almost anything? P=NP?
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  5. 26 ty :D
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  6. Did I really not get a mention right at the end? I live/am trying to live on your res :p Anyways, I'll go with the number 15 (This is a bribe to get you to rig the competition :p). And, also, Sunstreak Islands only(technically) changed location once.
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  7. Like some questions I won't answer.
    Um…according to Wikipedia, that has something to do with computers…so I'll go with yes…
  8. You were in the story…read it. :p No mentions for people who were in the story!
    No bribes. >.> I'll take the rupees though. :p
    But didn't it move islands?
  9. 33 please. I died twice trying to get to sunstreak island :/.
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  10. 43 please.
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  11. :p We were in one place, then moved to the current location.
  12. Awh, that sucks. :/
    How did you die from boating? :confused: Drowning?

    But we moved from the original plains…:p
  13. Never cross the islands at night...
  14. *cough*armor up and toughen up. :p *cough*
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  15. lol I do, but we have crazy amounts of mobs :p
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  16. 42! You have to give it to me alt!
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  17. 30 please.
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  18. 7 please
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  19. 13 please. This is my first mention ever :3
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  20. Also, can't believe I forgot to respond to this but...