[GIVEAWAY] SDOliveira's 1000 day AMA + 300k Giveaway + The Tenshi Shrine

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  1. As some of you might know I am about 2 months off of reaching 1000 days on EMC!

    Right off the bat I'd like to sincerely thank Every Single Person in this Wonderful Community, Especially my close friends and our Amazing Staff (keep up the great work :D).

    So I'm giving away a chunk of my wallet to those lucky enough to win.
    To clarify, 1 person shall receive 100k, 2 others will win 50k and 10 others will get 10k each.
    The winners will be drawn on the 6th April (the day my 1000th day falls upon)

    To Enter the giveaway you must drop a signed book (or a written book with your name written in it) OR a renamed item with your name in One of the two hoppers located at 19175. (If you want to you can simply mail an empty book and quill and i can enter you in the giveaway :D)


    Now, i just wanted to introduce the thing I've been working on for 7 months (9 months by the time I'm 1000). So, It's basically like a gigantic statue of an angel with a Shrine for it underneath. :D The Statue is finished but the Shrine is still in progress.

    I named it "The Tenshi Shrine", Which translates to The Angel Shrine (rather simple i know :rolleyes:)

    To visit The Tenshi Shrine go to 19175 (Viewing platform) and simply explore, I'm on quite a lot so if you want to chat feel free to pm me. :D
    (While you're at 19174 remember to drop off your "entry ticket" for the giveaway)


    My 1000th day falls on the 6th of April (Monday) and I'll be having a bit of a Party that will also be held at 19175. So feel free to come!

    Now then, for the AMA, If you have any questions about me go ahead and ask away in a comment and I'll reply as soon as I can.

    (If i forgot to give any info please inform me I'm rather bad at making forums :confused:)

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  2. Upvote because beautiful!
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  3. Wow, thanks for the giveaway, and here's a pre-congrats on your bit triple-0! =) Your angel statue is absolutely beautiful, far better than anything I've ever built. I look forward to seeing the finished shrine. =) Thanks again.
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  4. well congrats :D
    i do have a question
    if you would walk across town and a purple chicken runs past you
    would you try to catch it or just look at it run away from you? :p
    and if you would catch it, what would you do with it? :p
    congrats again and have a nice day :D
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  5. Many times have I dreamed about eating cooked purple chicken. I believe that answers your question. :D
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  6. that totally answers everything :p
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  7. Thanks for the congratulations btw, have a nice month! :D
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  8. Your angel statue is beautiful and I can't wait until the whole temple is complete.
    I have watched this statue being built and I don't think anyone could have done a better job.
    Good luck and happy anniversary! :D
    (I also hope I win the prize draw) :p
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  9. Thanks! :D
    Altough I'm sure other's could have done it better in more than 1 way if they had the materials and the conviction, as well as the time, to do so. :p
  10. Hi there!! I have entered and I would like to wish everyone Good Luck on this and I wish them the best! :)
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  11. Is that... Shrine made out of.. Quartz block? :confused:
    Also, Congrats on 1000 days! :)
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  12. Awsome how far you have come since the beginning :D
    Are still doing the lava shrine ? (Id love to donate for that project too :p)
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  13. Thanks for the congrats!
    And indeed it is, I've put 11.5 DC's of Quartz blocks into it already and it'll be another 1 or 2 to finish the shrine. :D
    I will not be doing other shrines, i sort of gave up on that a while ago sorry for not saying anything about it in the original thread. :confused:
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  14. Awh that's too bad D:
    hmm maby I'll build one on smp5 would that be cool? :/
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  15. Entered the draw earlier today, congrats again on your 1000 days :D

    What is your favourite EMC memory?
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  16. Totally forgot i made this thread. :confused:
    I'm fine with you making whatever you desire. :D

    Ican remember a few dozen amazing ones but i'd probably respond to this with a cheesy "Every moment on EMC is my favourite moment on EMC." :p
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  17. Awww, I can smell the cheese from here :p Having said that, I know exactly what you mean :3
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  18. Nice! :) I'll enter the giveaway whenever I have some time on my home pc!
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  19. Yo SD what up man, Long time no see, 1000 Days congratz.
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  20. 13 days left.
    Currently 67 entries. :D