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  1. I was looking at my Mojang account the other and it seems that I have 2 alpha codes for Scrolls. So I will give away a code.
    ScreenHunter_03 Feb. 19 14.12.jpg

    What is Scrolls?

    Scrolls is a fresh take on the collectible card games of old. It’s developed by Mojang – creators of Minecraft. You’ll create your own personalized army from a digital deck before unleashing it in battles with players around the world. It will eventually be released on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.
    Scrolls will give you freedom to participate in casual matches against your buddies and competitive ranked games against strangers. There’ll also be opportunity to play intense tournaments that’ll have players and spectators whooping because a pack of wolves just devoured a Sinmarked Zealot. Or because a mortar landed on a column of infantry, annihilating them at one fell swoop. Or because a complete newbie took out an Iron Ogre by peppering them with so much goo that they can no longer retain structural integrity.
    Our aim is to create an experience that’ll fit both newcomers and CCG veterans.

    1. SpaceShuttleFan
    2. alex_jacob
    3. WCG_Elite
    4. salesman200
    5. Terr
    6. Creeper655
    7. TheMiniKins
    8. Pab10S
    9. yankees518
    10. princebee
    11. Twitch1
    12. creepincreepers7
    13. TheTrufflehunter
    14. Champ4now
    15. ninjaboy5656
    16. HylianNinja
    17. TheMinner333
    18. SparerToaster
    19. adsingh
    20. I_Clutch_Zombies
    21. cddm95ace
    22. penfoldex
    23. ItsMeMatheus
    24. Just_So_Pro
    25. superg64
    26. GotFreshCookies
    27. AmusedStew
    28. Choongjae
    29. moyaboya
    30. callummiskelly
    31. talukegord
    32. WolfThunderblade
    33. kevdudeman
    34. dylan_frenette
    35. RevampedMadness
    36. nick5013
    37. jrlizard
    38. jacob5089
    39. sqiggleyjeff
    40. Mrlegitislegit

    Number will be picked by Random.org
  2. So how do these codes work? Do you need a mojang account to redeem it?
  3. Step 1.
    You’re going to need a Mojang account before you get to play Scrolls. If you don’t have one, or if you’re yet to upgrade your Minecraft acccount to a Mojang account, visit this page: http://account.mojang.com

    Step 2.
    Once you’re the proud owner of a Mojang account, log in and click “My Account” at the top of the page. Next, click the “click here to redeem the code” link. Paste in your code and choose a username when prompted.
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