[GIVEAWAY] Random giveaway just for fun! =D

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by DiabolusEx, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Yeah guys, I'm kinda bored, so I'll be giving away all the money I have on me right now!
    Claim a number between 1 and 100, and I'll pick who wins sometime later. (I'll edit the OP to say when I decide)
    What's interesting here is that if I pick an empty number, it goes to the person who's number was nearest to random one. If its split between two people, I'll just pick again.
    I'll pick 3 numbers, first gets 5000, second 2500, third 1000.
    After all, what do you lose by posting?
    Oh, I almost forgot, your post will only count towards the giveaway if you include at least one true statement that has already been used. (Such as "I am a human", which can now no longer be used.)
    Good luck, and let's try to make this interesting!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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  2. I should be sleeping right now.
    38 please :) also are alts allowed?
  3. 7 please. My IGN is Champ4now.
  4. 78.
    Beavers hold hands when they sleeep so they dont drift away from eachother in the water
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  5. 21. There is a %0 chance of you turning into a rhinoceros yesterday.
  6. I own a goat. 27 please
  7. 50, tomorrow will never come.
  8. 22 I guess :)
  9. 95, I choose this number because of the true statement cddm95ace took my 21 from my name so i take 95 from his. :cool: ~FDNY21
  10. 42 please! And nice giveaway!
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  11. 42 is the meaning of the universe... just saying :rolleyes:
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  12. Ya, and 42 is also the mega number in Lost! And is my lax number!
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  13. 32 Rememer kids, always eat crayons!
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  14. I've done that.... taste weird...
  15. Yeah, they are nutritious and good for your health!
    Nom nom nomnom *burp*
    They actually have the same texture as chocolate... but they taste like cr*p
  16. 33, I like chocolate
  17. 47. My current avatar is holding carrots
    Edit this is no longer true
  18. 89 please, I had a garage fire yesterday.
  19. False. Those are sea otters.
    Also false. A wizard cast a spell on me temporarily turning me into a rhinoceros, therefore unable to post on the forums. Feel free to check my post history yesterday. :)
    Prove it.
    Don't change your avatar until the giveaway finishes :p
    Really? Care to explain? :)