[Giveaway] Penguin Day Giveaway!

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  1. It's Penguin Awareness Day!
    To celebrate this annual occasion, I've decided to host a giveaway!
    To enter, simply post an original poem about penguins!
    The best poem will be chosen to win the prize
    One entry per player; minor edits allowed
    Alts are not allowed
    Ends in a few days
    2x 2015 Avalaunchers
    DC Assorted Winter Blocks + 25,001r
    Huge thanks to John in Toronto for some of the items!
  2. Penguins,
    Gorgeous and beautiful
    Oh how yummy to roast
    Oh how I love,
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  3. Penguin,
    That DJ,
    That PvPing DJ,
    Hard, but fun,
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  4. Penguin Poem :D
    its blue like birds
    Hope Ya Like it!

    I am a bird you know quite well,
    All dressed in black and white.
    And even though I do have wings
    They're not designed for flight.

    I waddle, waddle, waddle,
    On my funny little feet.
    Across the icy snow I go
    To find a fishy treat!
  5. I'm a little penguin,
    in the snow
    I slide on my tummy
    to and fro
    I eat the fish
    from the deep blue sea
    I'm black and white,
    as you can see.
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  6. Peguins, Penguins adorable as can be! Penguins, Penguins swimming in the sea! One is black one is white one is wearing a tuxeto white and bright! Cute as can be getting a fishy treat. Penguins, penguins to and fro. Penguins penguins, every where i go.

    Found the cutest Penguin picture i could find =3
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  7. Hehe,
    I doubted you so I decided to look it up... Keep it original.
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  8. A short, yet meaningful and concise Haiku:

    Penguins are the best
    Nature's cutest beauties; we
    dearly love PENGUINS!
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  9. :eek: WHAT
    No Flight.
    No Ryme.
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  10. Penguins, penguins how wonderful they be.
    Waddling around and sliding on their belly.
    Their feet keeps them sturdy and won't ever fall.
    They may stumble a little but won't fall at all.
    Their wings aren't for flying, but for swimming so free.
    Their eyes protected like goggles to see.
    Penguins are wonderful, adorable to me.
    Penguins, penguins oh how wonderful they be.
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  11. This poem is copied! Nice try, but you are disqualified from the giveaway! [link]
    This poem is copied! Nice try, but you are disqualified from the giveaway! [link]
  12. Penguin Haiku

    Penguins hug green dogs
    They swim in the blue Jello...
    To munch the carrots
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  13. You may be fast with the edits, but I'm faster. Your previous poem was copied! Nice try, but you are disqualified from the giveaway! Oh, and I did see your latest post. As of now, this ruling stands. [link]
  14. Also, to everyone else, I'd actually appreciate it if you didn't point out which poems were copied. Please either tell me privately or not at all. I do go through all poems to make sure they're not copied. If you do tell someone their poem is copied, it gives them the opportunity to delete all evidence that the poem ever existed. I do appreciate the help, but it's actually hurting in this case. Thanks!
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  15. Nubby Penguin made a thread on this special day.
    There was only 1 big rule, for this giveaway.
    He searched the net in case you lied,
    and now you're disqualified.
    The moral of this story is, before I have to run,
    Is make crap up in your mind, you'll see it's much more fun.
  16. Ah the penguin,
    crisp and sweet,
    When you fry it,
    over some heat.
    Eat it with salad,
    Eat it with soup,
    Turn the skin into a shoe!
    Every part you will use,
    Enjoy it much you will,
    It'll all be worth the kill.
    Ah the wonders of the penguin!
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  17. :eek:
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  18. Be afraid penguin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  19. Penguins penguins peng
    uins penguins penguins penguins
    penguins penguins peng.
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