[ GIVEAWAY ] Paris Crisis Recognition

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  1. EMC, I'll be giving away 100k in all to anyone who changes their profile picture to these of the following:

    Depending on how many people do this, and comment with "#PrayersForFrance" or "#PrièresPourParis", will get a certain amount of rupees at the end of the week. This day will not go unnoticed.

    Final Count dead: 150
  2. deal to show respects
  3. #PrayersForFrance
  4. #PrayersForFrance
  5. #PrayersForFrance
  6. This news was devastating today...this needs to be more noticed. :(

  7. #PrayersForFrance
  8. Will continue to pray for what has happened.


  9. #PrayForParis
  10. #PrayersForFrance
  11. Just another one: (threw together for Facebook)
  12. I think you have the right idea in mind, but I disagree with giving out rupees to players who change their profile picture. People should be changing their profile pictures out of respect, not because they want rupees - which is exactly what a lot of people will be doing.

    Trying to get some rupees out of such a terrible tragedy is wrong. Giving out rupees to people who show support, when doing such a thing should be done without an incentive, is wrong. Again, I like the idea, but I think you're going about it all wrong.
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  13. I have to agree with this. Changing profile pictures is a great gesture. Maybe winning money from this tragedy should be removed though. Just doesn't seem like the right thing to in this case. Just my opinion.
  14. This is the worst Friday the 13th ever. :(

  15. I agree with this, but sadly we live in a world that people will only do stuff for a reward. It seems like this was the last resort for me to get this recognized to others. While I see where I have to edit things, this is the only way I see this tragic event being noticed.
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  16. I disagree. I think the people of EMC would support this profile changing without insensitive. They did so with the previous attack in Paris (last year I think).

    BTW just like to note that I am not changing for the money.
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  17. Unfortunately I believe that's true - people will definitely only do things if there's a reward. In most cases. But I believe that with such a powerful event, you're going to get much more support than you realize even if you didn't include a prize.

    The people who change their avatar when asked - without a reward - are the ones who really care about showing support in this way.
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  18. omg I forgot it was friday the 13 the evil day has struck again