[Giveaway] OVER 2,500,000 rupees!

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How should the prizes be divided?

3 big prizes only.: Around 1500k, 700k, 300k 63 vote(s) 46.0%
10 smaller prizes: around 250k each 66 vote(s) 48.2%
Small prizes for everyone that participates! (Around 10k per user, up to 250 user will win) 28 vote(s) 20.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Giveaway is over! Look at winners here!


    Hello EMC

    Today I will be doing a giveaway of over 2,500,000 rupees! That's right! You've heard me!

    It's very easy to enter this giveaway!

    All you have to do is vote for a friend of mine in a design contest and post a screenshot of it! It takes no more than 30 seconds!!


    1. Click this -> https://www.swm.de/privatkunden/info/soulbottle-gewinnspiel2015-2.html
    2. Go to View Gallery, here you will see all the current designs
    3. Vote for ANDRE THOMAS WELLER > It's in page 2 of View Gallery
    4. Take a screenshot of the page after voting! (Press PrtSC in your keyboard, if you don't find it ask google)
    5. Post it in www.imgur.com or your preferred image site (Press Crtl+V at the same time)
    6. Post the image link here!

    That's it fellows! Once you've done those steps you will be taking part in this giveaway.

    Note: If you vote and don't provide picture evidence you will not take part in the giveaway

    How will the winners be chosen?

    Participants will be assigned a number depending their post #. These will be noted down and the winners will be chosen through random.org unless the "Everyone gets prizes" option is chosen

    End Date:

    Until the voting period closes; estimated time: 24.10.15 - 23:59
  2. Why not :)
    Edit- Don't question my music.
  3. that website is in german, how am I supposed to click view gallery when it doesn't actually say "view gallery"

    edit: finished loading and saw it, my bad...

  4. haha i beat you all
  5. Just Coz it has something Canadian, Eh, and Yes i can say that as i am Canadian,

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  6. All over this :)

  7. Why y'all use Chrome? It's all about Microsoft Edge!

    Also: Good luck to your friend, looks like he is winning, xD.
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  8. Looks cool compared to the other designs :)
  9. This is as good of a picture as you're going to get with that scaling..

  10. close

    Andre Thomas Weller


    M√ľnchen, die Quelle alles Guten!
    Vote for this design

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    my snipping tool would not work so this is the best i could do
  11. Heres my post :D

    Btw, that's an awesome design.

  12. Der dat vote is!
  13. I use chrome because it offers custom zooms per domain, unlike Edge. That is the only reason I switched. If I am wrong, show me and I will switch back.
  14. My vote was 801: