[Giveaway] Hack's Christmas Numbers :)

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  1. Hi guys!

    In the spirit of Christmas, after my drop party yesterday I have decided to hold a little giveaway of some cool items and rupees :) Here is what we have:

    1st Number Picked: Ore Buster (Unused)
    2nd Number Picked: Turkey Slicer (Unused)
    3rd Number Picked: Rudolph (Spawned)
    4th Number Picked: 3,000 Rupees
    5th Number Picked: 1,000 Rupees

    Please choose a number between 1 and 28, I will be updating the list as numbers come in and will use random.org to pick random numbers once a good amount of numbers are filled!

    1. hallandr721
    2. ErikRodhi
    3. AmusedStew
    4. xHaro_Der
    5. Dwight5273
    6. Champ4now
    7. boozle628
    8. Pab10S
    9. WeirdManaico
    10. adondrabkin
    11. TomvanWijnen
    12. homer71171
    13. Reindeer_
    14. Elysphic
    15. 5chris100
    16. weeh666
    17. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    18. WolfThunderblade
    19. spidey329
    20. Qwerty189
    21. FDNY21
    23. Runningrhino
    24. mba2012
    25. MrUnknownian
    26. Dj__Krazy
    27. ninjaboy5656
    28. NetherWorld666
  2. 6! pls and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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  3. 14 please. And thanks for doing this!
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  4. I would love to take the number 17. Thanks for the greate giveaway, Merry Christmas. :)
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  5. I'd like all of these numbers to be filled by tonight so if you're interested please say so with a #!
  6. Merry Christmas Dr.hacksaw. I would like the number 5 if can.
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  7. 21 please! Thanks very much Dr, and merry crimbo!
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  8. Merry Christmas! I'll have number 24 please! :D
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  10. 8 please
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  11. 11 please.
    Merry Christmas!
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  12. 28.
    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
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  13. Btw, all posts get a like from me!
  14. 15 please?
    Merry Christmas everyone~
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  15. I need all these numbers filled soon preferably in the next couple hours!! Come fill!!
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  16. 27 please. :)
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  17. 1 plz
    Merry Christmas.
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  18. 13 please
    And Merry Christmas!
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  19. 12 please! merry Christmas!
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  20. If it is ok with everyone i am taking off the last few numbers to speed this us :)