[Giveaway] Dual Blaze grinder on Utopia

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  1. Giveaway is over.

    There will be 3 winners:
    1st place gets the grinder
    2nd place gets 15 diamond blocks
    3rd place gets 5 diamond blocks

    Thanks for participating everybody.

    Congratulations to our grand prize winner:
    Gremlindan! You have won a dual blaze grinder on Utopia.

    Congratulations to our second place winner:

    Congratulations to our 3rd place winner:

    Diamond blocks may be picked up on SMP7 at 14036

    1. Tai2323
    2. jkjkjk182
    3. TheMikano
    4. KingofKraft13
    5. ImParanoid
    6. o0_Jetfire_0o
    7. PRO_G4NGST4
    8. Herbrin3
    9. jamesg003
    10. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    11. Qwerty189
    12. pengw7n
    13. margaritte
    14. cam13868674
    15. CreppaNinga235
    16. NoobOfEpicness
    17. nick_godoy
    18. SecretAznEks
    19. gremlindan
    20. marknaaijer
    21. MR2R2M
    22. Amumbo
    23. nfell2009
    24. thestar19
    25. AlexChance

    Good luck!
  2. What the heck Iwill sign up for this giveaway, thanks.
  3. I would like to participate. Thank you!
  4. I'll like to participate. I'll get Gold/Diamond soon... :p
  5. I would like to participate..
  6. If you get it before all of the numbers are taken, then I can add you. I will not be adding non current gold/diamond.
    I'm not trying to be rude, which is why I was clear in the OP. If you purchase gold/diamond before all of the numbers are taken, please re-post and I will enter your name.

    EDIT: jkjkjk182 beat me to it. It's not to late to pick up that subscription though :D
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  7. It's still worth a try, I don't think I'll get the Supporter under 3 hours(The time it would take for this to be filled)
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  8. I'll participate
  9. i will participate
  10. I'll join.
  11. I will take whatever you please to give me. Nice giveaway lz. Please and Thank you. :)
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  12. Please enter me. :)
  13. If only...My summer job pay came in this week and not the week I start school again I could do this (the pay is enough for a diamond supporter status for more than 2 months)
  14. I'll go in on it...
  15. *See's Dual Blaze grinder giveaway*

    *On Utopia*

    Well, screw you to....
  16. I currently have 0 balance.

    If you'd like to donate me 10USD I'd be grateful xD