[Giveaway] CC's 100th day and the Big Reveal!

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  1. Well, hello there everyone! Today, I, CommanderCustard, am hosting a 100 day giveaway!

    For my 100th day at EMC, I shall be doing a small but sweet giveaway! I am giving away 20,000 Rupees and a Magical Eggcellent Wand from the Easter Promo!

    To enter to win the money, you must give a nice explanation on why you want the cash and what the funds would be used for. This can be as serious or as silly as you like!

    The winner of the Magical Eggcellent Wand will be determined by the funniest or silliest reason to get the money. The money (2x 10k) and the Wand do not go together, there are three winners, so that there is 3x the happiness *hopefully* :)


    I shall also be doing what I call the "Big Reveal!" This basically means revealing my true identity. I may as well be quick with this, a few people found out and I think now is the time to tell you guys! My main account is actually 512 days old. I am FDNY21, hey guys :)

    Why did I reveal myself? Well, I have always enjoyed having a secret alt account that I could retreat to, but with people finding out it was not convenient for me. I may in the future gain another alt, however for now, FDNY21 and Marlixias have another public name under them.

    Now, with-out further ado, let the small, silly, essay-like, long and serious, or however you want to word it request for cash begin!

    EDIT: Prize winners will probably be picked tomorrow, if not, then the next day :)
  2. i would like to money to save and go towards my funds on a new build i am doing happy 100 days on emc :D and i would aloso like the money considering a gave it away for free by not knowing people would by the books thanks, :D
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  3. I'd use the funds to go on a shopping spree at the totally amazing museum, 18200.
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  4. I shall also point out here that yes, that claim is legitimate, I am him, he is me ;)
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  5. Hot dang, hey FDNY!

    Anyways, the money will go towards preserving potatoes on SMP3, as it has been scientifically made up proven that potato rates on SMP3 are at an all-time low, and that they need to be quickly rised or else the results may be catastrophic!
    Only you, can preserve potatoes.
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  7. Commander custard.... You traitor to me...
    Lol :p
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  8. If you would give me some rupees it would go to me buying everything from overpriced shops like /shop.
    and it would also go to me building my mega mall and my museum! hopefully will be starting soon.
    the magical eggcelent wand would be for me throwing into lava! therefore increasing the cost by a googlplex of rupees. Which is a lot.if you know what a googlplex is ^_^ and good 100 and something days old....
    (Insert one of your alt names here) it would also fund my goody good outpost to come, and ... Wait can I do all this with 10 k?
    No idea... I just want some stuffs >:D
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  9. Im lucky I caught you commander custard,undercover agent of fdny21 in the name of MY secret alt... I just wish I knew that you were fdny21 cuz I technically gave that alt name to 3 accounts...
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  10. So commander custard... I'm back lol
    What happened to that half stack of cobble I gave you? And the big reveal was terrifyingly un friendly for me...
    So.... I gues this isn't an AMA be cuz you're fdny21... Hmmm...
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  11. Thanks to Defluxer, there is now an extra 10,000r up for grabs! I have decided now that there shall be 3 winners. Two winners get 10k each, the other gets a Magical Eggcellent Wand, I will add that into the original post now.. Go!
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  12. Just a question, what happens if we use half alts or alts to make extra posts to increase the chance of getting it?
  13. I would guess not use them as that would give you a extra advantage against players who don't have alts because you would have 2 chances of getting a prize instead of others haveing only 1 chance =)
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  14. I would have to say that those people be disqualified
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  15. Ohh ok thanks 4 letting me know
  16. I will use it to save up and buy an ore buster from you
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  17. What... how... I welcomed you! :confused:

    Anyway, you know my motives for wanting the money. Or do you? :eek:

    Fight for Pears' Rights!
    So, you like apples, right?
    And you go to the store and buy bags of apples, right?
    And you know two people who have apple trees, huh?
    Well, guess what?
    Somewhere out there is a poor, lonely pear tree with nowhere to live!
    Somewhere out there is a bag of rotting pears that were never bought!
    Somewhere out there is an uneaten pear being squished underfoot!
    Pears are succulent!
    Pears are juicy!
    They taste good with cinnamon!
    They don't hurt your teeth!
    Pears can be sliced! Diced! Put in a jar!
    So, I ask you again!
    Here on EMC, I'm fighting for pears' rights.
    Give me money, and I'll use it on a campaign!
    Banners! Signatures! Pear-Colored Armor!
    Give me an Egger, and I'll use it to egg!
    Wolves with green collars! Lime green sheep!
    So, I tell you now, support my cause!
    Help the downtrodden!
    Preserve justice in a cruel world!
    Don't be a fruitist!
    Fight for pear rights!

  18. I would use the money to fund my golf course (Link in my signature below) because ya know, everyone likes golf!
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  19. I would use some of it for who knows what (probably promos), but would spend the bulk of it on donations to new player.
    EDIT: I think hashhog needs the money more, pear rights are disturbingly scarce, and I demand that we do something about it.
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  20. I would like the rupees. For. All. The. Potatoes.
    The. End.
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