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Would you like to see a little event?

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  1. Hey EMC!

    My birthday is coming up in a few hours (Sep 5). Normally, for my birthday I'd host an event, especially this birthday - my sweet 16th! I'll be able to drive ('murica) and all that cool 16 year old stuff. Time really has gone by! Unfortunately I don't think I'll have time to host an event, so this is a bit easier for everyone. I may host an event if i can find time - but it will be small scale.

    So to enter this giveaway... Draw Adazahi Jr and post it here! I recently started a digital art class where I made my favorite little octopus profile pic into some funny gifs (will post later, need to get the files from my school computer!) and I'd like to see other peoples take on it. You can see what he looks like just by looking at my profile pic (High Res)- the coolest cephalopod in the sea! Note: I know not everyone loves fedoras, so you can draw him with a top hat if that's your fancy.

    Half of this competition will be randomized, I will choose 3 random players (don't worry about numbers, I'll deal with that) to get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, and no matter how bad the drawing is, you'll win the random competition. As for the actual "looks good" competition, I will choose my personal favorite and two honorable mentions. There's also a little prize for participating - anyone can draw an octopus! please put some effort in though

    Alright fine fine, here's the part with the prizes:

    Random Gen 1st: 30k(x1)
    Random Gen 2nd: 20k(x1)
    Random Gen 3rd: 10k(x1)
    Best Drawing Winner: 100k(x1)
    Best Drawing Honorable Mention: 10k(x2)
    Participation: 1k (x??)

    Good luck everyone, entries will be closed on September 10th, 2019(duh) and winners will be chosen the following day. If you're working on a crazy masterpiece or don't have time - tell me and I will consider extending the entry period a few days - I want to see as many drawings as possible!


    P.S. -cough- send me presents pls -cough-
  2. The Giveaway Has Ended!

    Thank you to those of us who participated, as well as to those who just stopped by to tell me happy birthday! I made a slight change to how I did the choosing, having the good drawing players get the 10k/20k/30k and the random choice players all getting 10k each.

    Now, to the winners. It was defiantly a hard choice!

    Honorable Mention: xGGirlx (10k)
    Third Place: stnywitness (20k)
    Second Place: MazzterGamerzz (30k)
    First Place: Duckpi (100k)

    Random Gen 1: Mman (10k)
    Random Gen 2: stnywitness (10k)
    Random Gen 3: Jaqque (10k)

    All participants also get 1k, thanks for joining me on my birthday!
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  3. How do I enter the competition?
  4. Bump!

    Is pretty clearly stated in the thread
  5. Not really, it just says to draw AdazahiJr. I could just draw it and not post it anywhere. It'd be nice to know the specifics of how to enter

  6. graphite on post-it
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  7. Happy Bday!
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  8. Happy birthday!! :) If I find the time, I'll submit an entry. :D
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  9. Happy Birthday!
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  10. I guess I'll add "and post it" i thought it was kinda clear though, huh, different interpretations
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  12. Happy Birthday!
    I'll post my entry up soon.

  13. Not looking for an entry, just wanted to say Happy Birthday!
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  15. Happy Birthday! No entry. Have a nice day :)
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