[GIVEAWAY] Arctic Fox Invasion

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Hashhog, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. The Arctic Fox Invasion Giveaway


    First Prize: 20,000r - Evesthery
    Second Prize: 10,000r - AliceF3
    Third Prize: 5,000r - Doggie45

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  2. I suppose I'm already in this, then? ;)
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  3. Yes. Anyone who has already switched their avatar and posted on the thread are entered. Later today I'll add a list. :)
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  4. Wait, how are 1st-3rd places determined? Best avatar? ;) Or is it just three spins of random.org?
  5. Three spins of random.org. :p
  6. Of course it's random.org, otherwise I would have won already silly! ;)
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  7. Good luck everyone ^-^
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  8. We're resorting to bribery now? :eek:
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  9. With me, it always ends up with bribery. :p
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  10. Lets start looking for a fox pic. :)
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  11. And yet, the fireworks are still atop the banner! Time for mutiny? Maybe after the 4th of July.....
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  12. So... does this mean everyone who's already posted on the AFI thread has entered the giveaway? Or do we have to make a new post to enter?
  13. As I told Fendy, anyone who has already done the requirements does not need to post again. :)
  14. We shall claim Independence Day as our own! Henceforth, it shall be the Fox of July!
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  15. Cuteness level over 1000 :D
  16. EMC will be a whole lot cuter!
  17. I'm giving in :D but be warned this is only going to be a temporary avatar, I can never part with my normal avatar, and good luck to everyone entering :)
  18. Mine obviously counts. :D ...Right?
  19. Technically not :p
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  20. If Google claims it is an arctic fox than it shall be considered arctic fox! But fine, I'll go add a small arctic fox in the corner. :p