[Giveaway|AMA] Approaching my 3 years...

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  1. Hellllloooo!

    In 5 days (January 5th 2015) I will have been a registered user on EMC for 3 years. Literally, where has the time gone?!

    Anyways. I'm doing a giveaway. While not overly special. The only nfell2009 head in existence. There are no others and will be no others in the foreseeable future (maybe for some other giveaways). I will also be giving some rupees like 20k or something. Not confirmed though :p

    Just reply with a question AND a number to enter. Without the question you will NOT be entered! want everyone involved.

    1) Terr
    2) mman2832
    3) ChickenButler
    7) FWRonald
    8) Zeurivar
    9) colepuncher
    14) mba2012
    15) 607
    17) Ultimate_GG
    18) cadenman2002
    19) Nighthawk3846
    21) FDNY21
    26) Starpuncher
    27) tedrocker
    28) karatekick2001
    29) jkjkjk182
    33) SkareCboi
    36) High_Jacker
    37) generalfelino015
    38) L3A8
    39) ScarTheNinja
    42) PopTart_Flavored
    43) marshmallow369
    44) Deadmaster98
    45) redfire23
    47) Jakres
    50) BTHarrold98
  2. What is your favorite EMC memory? 1 plese
  3. What is your favourite EMC promotional item or other special item? 21 please :D
  4. When I first joined, someone broke some of their chests and I got the items :rolleyes:

    Urm... my favourite? I've never really collected promos but I really did like Ore Buster :3
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  5. What do you like best, Town, Frontier, Waste or Nether? Can I have 7 please.
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  6. What is your best EMC memory and why? Gimme a 18 please :D
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  7. What/who made you discover EMC? 19 Please.
  8. What's your favorite block?
    22 please :)
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  9. Hm... what have I not asked you before? Let me think... "Do you wear a watch? "

    22 minute late edit: I totally forgot my number again. 15, please.
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  10. 45 Hows ur day?
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  11. I'll have 15. I don't have a question :p
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  12. 50 please, and is it true if a fish stays in water for more than a day it turns blue?
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  13. I'll add the people to the numbers later as I'm on my phone in bed :3

    Town because I'm not good at survival...

    Completing mega mall :D

    Found it on a server list when EMC was always top.

    I actually have some nice watches but never wear them xD

    Good thanks :D

    I asked a question on your thread! D:

    I have no idea... Lel
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  14. We both want 15, but you don't have a question. Aha!
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  15. Ill take 18 please :) My question is: What is 142004858 x 1000304837778838? (No Calculators)
  16. 36 instead please!
  17. 8 - How did you first die in EMC?
  18. lel, I read the 22 minutes later as your number... I'll take 14.

    As for a question, uh, who's your favourite person on EMC ;)
  19. 28 please :)
    What is your most favorite project on Minecraft?
  20. 44 please :)
    What is your favourite tv show and film?