[Giveaway/AMA] 1 Year Celebration!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Sealeon, Sep 17, 2016.

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  1. Event? My 1 Year celebration! AMA and Giveaway
    What? I will do a Giveaway and a AMA Choose a number 1-50 and On October 30th Will use random.org to get the wining number.

    When? Ends October 30th
    Prizes? 1 Momentus toothpick, 2 starter Pickaxes (New version), And 2016 Labor Bench
    39.Jimbonothing64 27.WolfInAction 7.GeneralWillikers 18.Summer_Rainbow 17.Mqb 22.Acemox2k 42.ExtraSins 40.Skeletin007 1.EnderMagic1 9.Raaynn 6.Kiku_Dusk 14.Bunni 3.AncientTower 5.nuclearbbomb 21.ESSELEM 28.luckycordel 16.Peachy 25.Vortixin 35.Gamingtigger991 14.jjhhgg100123
  2. Favorite res?
    39 please
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  3. Congrats Seal! :D
    What is your favorite food?
    And i'll take 27.
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  4. Congrats
    Favorite promo?
    number 7 please
    ty for doing this
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  5. What Is Your Favorite Staff Event? I Would Like 18 Please :)
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  6. 17 - Favorite color?
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  7. Favorite Biome?

    22 please
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  8. Favorite Mob?
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  9. Hmmm That hard I got to go with Ice cream
    Flaming mob launcher I don't have one But they look so awesome :)
    I like UHC Its a game that you need skill for
    I like Ice Biomes don't know what there called lol
    Probably Pigs There so cute!
  10. Oh lol Forgot you'res I really like ChrisFlareons Res I spend Like 1/10 of the time there
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  11. Who is your favorite staff member?
    I will take #40
  12. Hmmm I have a lot But I gotta go with HashyButt or Panda (Zion_Moyer)
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  13. How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck, could, chuck wood.
    I'll take 7 :p
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  14. Happy 1 year! I thought you were much older than one year.. But, maybe all of the -inaction usernames are confusing me. ;) Congrats and I will take no.1.

    Almost forgot a question. :p If you were in battle, which weapon would you use? Ranged or Melee?
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  15. Congratulations on your first year! great accomplishment :)

    What is your favorite thing about EMC that keeps you here?

    no 9... no 9..
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  16. Congrats on a year~! :D
    Number 6 please :3
    What's your favorite animal?
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  17. Number 14 please. Congrats!!!

    Does smp8 scare you?
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  18. Congrats on 1 year of EMC. If you could be a bender what element would you bend ? (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)

    Also I'll take number 3 please.
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  19. Do u PvP?
    Ill take 5
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  20. congrats! what's your favorite type of cake? number 21 please :)
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